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Shower Diverters: Things You Should Know About Brass Diverters - Lipka Home

Shower Diverters: Things You Should Know About Brass Diverters


Shower Diverters: Things You Should Know About Brass Diverters

What is Shower Diverter?

A shower divertor or a diverter valve is a concealed bathroom fitting that is installed within the walls of the bathroom or the shower area. The basic operation of a diverter is that it controls the supply of water in different bathroom fixtures like the showerhead and the faucets along with the temperature.

diverters details

What is the Difference Between a Wall Mixer Faucet and a Diverter?

Usually, households have wall mixer faucets which provide different handles to control the hot and cold water flow and turn on and off the water flow. The wall mixer faucets are a tangible external bathroom fitting. On the other hand, a diverter valve is an interior bathroom fitting that offers control of the water temperature and flows to various bathroom fixtures in the shower area like your overhead rain shower and the faucet or water tap or tub spout.

What is the Purpose of the Diverter in the Bathroom?

These days people are opting for a diverter in the bathroom to enhance the aesthetics and give the shower area a hassle-free and neat appearance. If you install a diverter in the wall of the shower area, all you need is a faucet spout or a bathtub spout and an overhead shower. The upper part of the diverter will control the flow and the temperature of water in both fixtures.

Types of Shower Diverters

  • Single Lever 2 Inlet Diverter

The 2 Outlet & 2 Inlet diverter draws water from any two main sources of water (for example- the geyser and the overhead tank) and supplies it to two outlets which could be any two bathroom fixtures (commonly – a faucet spout and an overhead shower). The external or the upper part contains a single handle and a small knob. The handle, when turned, left, or right adjusts the temperature of the water and the knob when turned left or right diverts the direction of the water between the shower and the faucet.

single lever diverter

  • Single Lever High Flow 2 Inlet Diverter

The 2 Inlet & 2 Outlet Hi-Flow diverter is the same as the 2 Inlet & 2 Outlet Diverter. The only difference is that the Hi-Flow diverter has a 46mm Ceramic Cartridge as opposed to the 40mm Ceramic cartridge in the normal 2-inlet diverter. The bigger cartridge offers an advantage for homes that have overhead tanks installed at a lower height. The heavy 46mm cartridge draws water and supplies it at high pressure even when the regular water pressure at your household is low.

single lever two inlet diverters

  • 3-Inlet (5 way) Diverter

When your bathroom gets a water supply from three sources, for instance, the geyser, the submersible, and the overhead tank, then a 3-inlet diverter is the right choice. This diverter can draw water from 3 sources of water simultaneously and supply it to the showerhead or the tub faucet.

single lever 3 inlet diverter

Why Should you Install a Diverter as a Bathroom Fitting?

The best reason for installing a diverter is that it gives your bathrooms the modern appeal. In times of advanced technology and superior interior designs that are instilled in making a home luxurious, a diverter in the bathroom shower area, adds the right amount of aesthetic and technology.

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LIPKA Diverter Complete Set

Wondering what you’ll get if you order LIPKA’s Diverter Set? You will get a diverter body, a chrome plated flange, a single lever or handle and a small knob. All these fixed together will not only enhance the functionality of your shower area but also add to the overall aesthetics.

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