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Quartz Sink with Drainboard

Quartz drainboard kitchen sinks offer a remarkable combination of functionality and hygiene, primarily due to their non-porous nature and extra deep and voluminous bowls.

Quartz Drainboard Sink Hygienic and Super Safe for Kitchens

The non-porous surface of quartz sinks prevents the absorption of liquids, food particles, and bacteria, making them exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional sinks that might harbour germs and stains over time, the smooth and impermeable surface of quartz sinks resists the buildup of dirt and grime, ensuring a consistently hygienic environment in the kitchen.

This feature not only streamlines the cleaning process but also contributes to a healthier kitchen space by minimising the risk of cross-contamination and bacterial growth. With a quartz kitchen sink with a drainboard, homeowners can enjoy the convenience of a stylish and functional sink that promotes cleanliness and well-being.

Kitchens Best Suited for Quartz Sink with Drainboard

Quartz sinks with drainboards are ideal for kitchens that prioritise efficient workflow and minimal mess. The integrated drainboard provides a designated space for drying dishes, fruits, and vegetables, which helps keep the main sink area clean and uncluttered.

This is particularly useful in homes or environments where maintaining tidiness is important. Additionally, kitchens with limited countertop space can benefit from the added surface area provided by the drainboard, making it easier to manage various kitchen tasks.

Quartz Drainboard Sinks - Naturally Sound-Absorbing

Quartz sinks exhibit natural sound-absorbing properties due to their dense and solid composition. Crafted by blending crushed quartz with resins, these sinks effectively dampen vibrations, prevent echoes, and absorb the impact of utensils.

The thicker build and composite structure of quartz kitchen sinks contribute to their ability to minimise noise, creating a quieter and more pleasant kitchen environment.

What is the Warranty on These Quartz Sinks with Drainboard?

LIPKA's Quartz Kitchen Sink with Drainboard comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Are the Corners of These Quartz Sink with Drainboard Rounded?

Yes. The corners are rounded to make it easier to maintain as no food/waste gets stuck in them.

Does the Drainboard Have a Slope to Drain Water?

Yes, the quartz drainboard sinks have just the right amount of slope so as to quickly drain the water from the wet utensils.

Are These LIPKA’s Quartz Sinks with Drainboard Made in India?

Yes, these sinks are 100% made in India using the best raw material.

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