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LIPKA Group of Companies, a leading brand in the Kitchen & Bath Fittings dominion, began its journey in 2009 with manufacturing floor drains and shower drain channels. Within 10 years, the company became a front-runner in the market through its most-selling, 100% indigenously manufactured floor drains with over 1000 plus remarkable designs and sizes. The Company was the first Indian brand that manufactured shower drain channels and made them accessible to not only the luxurious segments but also to the regular households.


Needless to say, the massive visualization of the Company took its shape by spreading its manufacturing bustle onto major product verticals like Kitchen Sinks, Faucets, PTMT Products, Overhead Showers, Bathroom Accessories, and other associated equipment. As a consequence of its hard work, inventions, and patronage from its cultivated consumers, the Company has since made and sold millions of products and grown stronger in the market.


Every product, concept, and design by LIPKA is inspired by the burgeoning desire for style and aesthetic appeal among Consumers in India. With over 7 manufacturing units spread across a whopping 70,000 sq. ft. at Libaspur Industrial Area, New Delhi, the Company produces merchandise from scratch, thereby upholding the dream of ‘Make in India’. LIPKA has over 5000 stock-keeping units (SKU) that move forward with a tall promise of dispatching orders within 24 hours.


The Company, by judiciously utilizing two of its most essential assets; the LIPKA brand and an extraordinary distribution network, is expanding its product portfolio to meet the escalating requirements of diverse Indian customers. It has set its sights on each of these criteria, embracing new manufacturing processes to improve the quality of its products, whether it's innovation, technology, research, style, or craftsmanship. The design combines originality and exclusivity courtesy of our team's ingenuity and creative abilities. By duly considering the importance of sustainability in the present climatic scenario, the Company promotes green manufacturing through state-of-the-art automatic machinery and provides eco-friendly packaging for its products.


LIPKA, today takes pride in being the first company that educated the Indian populace about healthy living while emphasizing the essentiality of 304-Grade Stainless Steel, the operational details of a cockroach trap, the importance of installing an appropriate floor drain concerning the functionality and décor of the space, and so on. Apart from this, the Company also maintains its focus on spreading information about the features and utility of basic devices installed in homes that are usually overlooked like – kitchen sink couplings, handmade kitchen sinks, faucet aerators, basin mixers, etc. The company endeavors to communicate rudimentary information about the elementary household and lifestyle needs concerning bathroom and kitchen fixtures internationally.

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