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  1. LIPKA extends the terms and conditions of the warranty to the original/first purchaser, and it cannot be transferred.
  2. When getting repairs done, Authorized Service Personnel must be shown the warranty card and a valid proof of purchase, which initiates the guarantee against any product from the date of its purchase. Therefore, customers must safely store the original invoice and warranty card. The company's service centre or its authorized service partners will handle the repair or replacement.
  3. The client must transport the product to the registered firm address if there is no service centre nearby or authorised service personnel, and if the product is sent by courier, the customer is responsible for the courier fees.
  4. Any costs and expenses incurred for repair or service of the Products about a) to and from the travel of service personnel and b) transportation of the Product and/or spare parts and/or components from the location of LIPKA's branch office or Authorized Service Franchisee to customer's location and back shall be borne wholly and solely by the customer if the Product is installed outside the municipal limits of LIPKA's Branch Office / Authorized Service Franchisee locations.
  5. This warranty does not cover incidents of negligence, misuse, abuse, careless installation, accident, hard water or mineral deposits, exposure to corrosive materials, misapplication, damages brought on by improper upkeep, alteration f the product, or failure to adhere to the installation or care instructions provided with your product. Abrasive cleaning agents such as powders, bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or chlorine should be avoided. Steel wool, wire brushes, and abrasive pads should not be used since they will harm and wear down the finish.
  6. Labour fees or costs associated with the product's removal and reinstallation are not covered by this warranty. Loss of use, delays, property damage and other incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty, and LIPKA disclaims all responsibility for such harm.
  7. If a flaw in the product is discovered during the warranty term, the Company and its authorized service centre reserve the right to keep any part(s) or component(s) replaced at their discretion.
  8. The business may, at its option, replace the defective part(s) with an operationally new part (s).
  9. The warranty terms are not applicable in cases of product damage, customer abuse, repairs made by unauthorized persons, or misuse discovered by authorized service employees. Instead, repairs will be made based only on the cost of the parts.
  10. The decision to replace a part would solely be up to LIPKA. If the complete unit needs to be replaced, it must be replaced with the same model (subject to LIPKA's sole discretion), or if the model in question has been discontinued, it must be replaced with a model that was priced similarly at the time of purchase.
  11. There will be no obligation to ensure that the colours of any replaced coloured internal or external components match those of the original or other components. Due to the unit's ongoing use, the replaced tints, patterns, and hues may differ from the customer's unit. Except for the components that are genuinely required, any matching components modified at the customer's request will be billed.
  12. It is made explicitly clear that the company is under no duty to complete repairs within a certain time frame, despite making every effort to do so as soon as possible.
  13. Any liability, injury, or loss to property or life that results directly or indirectly from any damage to the Lipka products is not covered by this warranty. Only during the warranty period will the company be required to make repairs or offer replacements for damaged parts.
  14. The demonstration and assembly of the purchased device are not covered by the warranty.
  15. Components like washers, Rubber, Springs, and other plastic products are not covered by the warranty.
  16. Any additional accessories to the product are not covered by the warranty. When LIPKA products are found to have faults other than those related to manufacturing after a year, customers will be charged normal labour and component fees at the company's then-current rates.
  17. If a dispute occurs between the Company and the customer over the aforementioned guarantee, neither party may file a lawsuit or initiate an arbitration action without first resolving the issue through mediation.
  18. Only Delhi's courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any issues that may arise.


This warranty is not applicable or shall stand void in the following cases:

  1. Proof of purchase, the invoice in Original and/or Warranty Card is not shown to the Company’s authorized service personnel at the time of repair. In such case service will still be rendered however it will be on a chargeable basis as per the standard rates of labour and /or parts (as the case may be), prevailing at the point of time.
  2. The Product is not installed/ used according to the instruction given in the instruction/installation manual.
  3. Site conditions, where the product is installed, do not confirm the recommended operating conditions of the product as specified in the instruction manual of the product (supplied along with the product).
  4. Defect(s) caused by improper use, negligent handling damage, misuse, tampering, neglect or lack of care and in case of alterations or repair carried out by unauthorized persons, as determined by the company.
  5. Corrosion or Rusting of Stainless Steel due to Hard Water and Toxic Sewage Gases. (It is advised to buy 304-Grade Stainless Steel for greater resistance to Corrosion and Rusting due to hard water and toxic sewage gases)
  6. Defects arising out of factors out of the control of the Company, including but not limited to:
    Natural calamities such as earthquakes and cyclones.
    • Acts of God.
    • Abuse or negligence by the Customer.
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Damage due to exposure to acids, chemicals, cleaners like phenyls, etc.
    • Defects or damage from the operation, maintenance, installation, adjustment, alteration or modification of any kind.
    • In case of any third-party component/spare/product used in conjunction with the LIPKA Products and which is affecting product functionality/usage/performance.
    • Any failure caused by an unsupported or third-party component will not be covered by a warranty.
    • Defects/Damage caused by household pets, rats, cockroaches, lizards or any other animals/insects.
    • If the Product is purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
    • Improper handling of the Products.
    • Improper care and cleaning of the Product.
  7. This warranty automatically terminates on the expiry of the warranty period even if the product may not be in use for any time during the warranty period for any reason. For LIPKA products sold in India, only this warranty document is applicable and any reference to any other warranty document will not be considered. This is LIPKA’s exclusive written warranty.


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