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Luxury Bath Fittings Ideas without Affecting your Budget - Lipka Home

Luxury Bath Fittings Ideas without Affecting your Budget


Luxury Bath Fittings Ideas without Affecting your Budget

Buy Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings Directly from Manufacturer

If you are looking for new bathroom fittings or thinking of renovating your old bathroom setup, buying directly from the manufacturer would ensure quality and luxurious products while staying within your budget. However, consumers are often skeptical of buying bathroom fittings online due to a lot of reasons like quality, size, prices, etc. On the contrary, buying online directly from manufacturing brands can prove to be the most beneficial for consumers having a tight budget.

Benefits of Purchasing Home Fittings from Manufacturer          

Eliminates Middleman and Increases Transparency in Prices

When the intermediaries like the retailers and distributors are eliminated from the supply chain, the cost of the product as it is decreases. This is an advantage for the consumers who buy directly from the brands that sell bathroom fittings online. This increases the overall transparency in the prices of each product since there are no cuts for the intermediaries.

Avoid Duplicate Products

The latest practice in the market where manufacturers sell their products online directly to the consumers has minimized the circulation of duplicate and low-quality products. This is because, the manufacturers have become more diligent and tech-savvy so as to make their products unique.

Durable Items

Manufactures selling online have only one USP that they hold on to i.e., the quality of the product. Manufacturers selling bathroom fittings know that this is a product line that consumers do not regularly purchase. It is once in a blue moon investment. So, the products have to have durability and longevity and they ensure the same in their quality manufacturing.

Products with long lasting Warranty

Warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years or even lifetime warranties attract consumers because it gives them the assuagement that the product is of good quality. Bathroom fittings like mixer faucets, overhead showers, health faucets, etc., are a one time investment for most people, therefore, consumers wish to buy only those fittings which offer the maximum warranty. Such long-lasting warranties can only be provided by manufacturers who know the true quality of their product.

Swift Pre & Post Sale Services

Selling kitchen and bathroom fittings online puts a great responsibility on the manufacturers. There is no scope of any defect or flaw in the products that are being directly sold. With the raging popularity of social media, the tiniest of the details about the product comes under great scrutiny. Therefore, manufacturers selling online provide exception pre-purchase services like catalogue browsing, selection of products and others and post-sale services like warranty registration.


Is it safe to buy a sink from an online manufacturer?

Yes. When you can buy houses and properties online these days, what’s in a kitchen sink?! Kitchen sinks online come with great deals and offers buying them from manufacturing brands gives you added benefits.

Is LIPKA's return and exchange policy user-friendly?

Yes, LIPKA has an exceptional 30 Days No-Questions-Asked easy return policy which allows consumers to return products within 30 days from the date of purchase. This flexibility in the return policy assures the customer of the remarkable quality of the products.

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