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9 Reasons Why You Need to Change Bathroom Fittings in Your Home


9 Reasons Why You Need to Change Bathroom Fittings in Your Home

Bathroom fittings are an essential part of your everyday lifestyle. These fittings need to be kept maintained and updated at all times so as to function properly and serve your requirements. However, we tend to postpone our plans to change the old fittings in our bathrooms but that should not be the case since it mostly causes wastage of essential resources.

So here are 9 reasons why you need to change your bathroom fittings immediately:

Leaking Tap

Leaking water taps cause a lot of water wastage. The dripping water from a damaged faucet drains liters of water in a day which could be used had the tap been functioning properly. So, if you have a leaky tap, it is time to change. For washbasins, you could go for tall body pillar taps, normal pillar taps, centre-hole basin mixers, or single lever basin mixers. The cartridges in these LIPKA water taps are strong and are tested for over 5,00,000 operations.

Unwanted Pests in the Bathroom

Have you been noticing pests and insects roaming around in your bathroom lately? If, yes, then it is time to change your floor drain. A regular drain jali usually does not cater for the prevention of pests and insects that tend to crawl up from the sewage or the drainpipe of the bathroom through the floor drain. For this, you can get floor drains with cockroach traps. The water stored in the floor traps efficiently prevents pests, insects, blockages, and odour. This water changes every water is drained.

Rust on Faucets

Have your bathrooms lost their shine due to corroded and rusted faucets? If yes, then it is time to switch to LIPKA's pure brass faucets that have a 3-tier surface protective chrome finish including chromium, Nickle and copper. This plating resists rusting on faucets that happens due to hard water. Keep in mind that chrome finish brass faucets require minimal maintenance and should be avoided from being cleaned with harsh chemicals and strong detergents.

Geyser Connection Pipe Leakage

If your geyser pipes are leaking, it’s time for you to change them to avoid these pipes from bursting. The high temperature of hot water usually causes such bursts which are dangerous. 304-grade stainless steel braided connection pipes are ideal for geyser connections. They have a high endurance against extreme temperatures and good tensile strength.

Dripping Health Faucet

If the small showerhead or the faucet gun of the health faucet is constantly dripping water, it means the interiors are cracked and you need to replace the health faucet. The health faucets are an essential self-care and hygiene maintaining tool required in every bathroom and need to be functioning without any problems. Chrome-plated ABS health faucets or Chrome-plated brass faucets with stainless steel shower tubes are the best. They are durable and provide long-lasting performance.

Blocked Showerheads

Does your shower head have nozzles that have been permanently blocked due to limescale deposition from the hard water? These blocked nozzles can cause interior pipe bursts if the pressure of water is too high, and it does not get enough outlets to pour out. If yes, then it’s time to switch to stainless steel showerheads with soft easy-to-clean silicon nozzles. The rain shower has evenly spread nozzles that can be cleaned with just a rub.

Seepage on walls

If your bathrooms have seepage in the walls near the faucet areas, it means that the point where the faucet is installed on the wall is not properly connected, loosely connected or is probably cracked. For this, extension nipples are used. These extension nipples which are available in multiple sizes create a bridge in the gap between the faucet’s rear end and the pipe inside the wall, making the water flow secure.

Accumulation of Water in the Shower Area

Do you find water flooding in your bathrooms or shower areas after you have taken a shower? If yes, then this means that the wastewater is not being quickly drained or the size of the floor drain is not proportionate to the wastewater generated. For this, you could opt for linear drains or shower drain channels that drain huge volumes of water at once and keep the bathrooms dry at all times.

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Bacteria Spreading Through Soap Bar

Soap bars on soap dishes often have the potential of spreading viruses and diseases due to the scum stuck on them after use and when it gets in contact with the other user. To avoid this, you can install premium bathroom accessories like stainless steel liquid soap dispensers. Every squeeze of liquid soap from the dispenser is untouched. Plus, these dispense a sufficient amount of soap with every squeeze making the soap last longer.

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