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Do Kitchen Sink Manufacturers Provide Dealerships? - Lipka Home

Do Kitchen Sink Manufacturers Provide Dealerships?


Do Kitchen Sink Manufacturers Provide Dealerships?

YES! Manufacturing brands like LIPKA offers dealerships across India. Any dealer from any part of the country can apply for a dealership for LIPKA products. The process is quite simple and expeditious. The interested parties just need to call on the specified number, go through a few verifications and that’s all.

LIPKA Kitchen Sinks

LIPKA manufactures 100% Made-in-India kitchen sinks in multiple sizes and designs. These sinks are ISI-marked and are priced competitively. The brand offers Square, Round, and handmade bowls in different configurations like a single bowl, double bowl, and single bowl with drainboard. The Square and Round kitchen sinks are made with 1mm thick 304-Grade and Premium Stainless Steel, and the Handmade Sinks are built with 1.2mm Thick Premium and 304-Grade Stainless Steel which is known to consist of 8% nickel that effectively resists rusting and corrosion for a long time. The tough build of these kitchen sinks

Benefits of Kitchen Sink Dealership from Manufacturer

A "kitchen sink" dealership refers to a dealership that offers a wide range of Kitchen Sinks and services from a single manufacturer. Here are some benefits of a kitchen sink dealership from a manufacturer:

Diverse Product Offerings

A kitchen sink dealership offers a wide range of products from a single manufacturer, providing customers with a diverse selection of options. This allows customers to find the perfect product for their needs, without having to shop around at multiple dealerships.

Efficient Sales Process

This approach can streamline the sales process for customers, by allowing them to purchase multiple products from a single location. This can save customers time and effort in shopping around for various products.

Consistent Quality

By offering products from a single manufacturer, a dealer can ensure consistent quality across its entire product lineup. This can give customers confidence in their purchases, knowing that they are getting a reliable and high-quality product.

Expert Product Knowledge

Kitchen sink dealerships typically specialize in products from a single manufacturer, which allows them to become experts in their product lineup. This can provide customers with valuable insights and recommendations when choosing products.

Strong Manufacturer Support

Dealers typically have a strong relationship with the manufacturer, which can result in better support for customers. This can include access to manufacturer-specific warranties, technical support, and service.

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Festive Gifts

Manufacturing brands offer festive gifts and discounts to their dealers to promote their products in the respective cities/districts of the dealers. This is a good opportunity for dealers across the country to get their hands on a variety of new merchandise just by putting in extra effort for selling the manufacturing brand’s kitchen sinks.

Special Deals For Contractors And Architects

LIPKA offers special offers for Contractors and Architects who wish to collaborate with the brand. The brand has proposed a unique affiliate fee for all Contractors, Architects, and other related professions. To avail these, you need to verify yourself with the support team, and then provide the invoice of the purchases made under your recommendation.

Attractive Offers for Plumbers to Grow their Business

Plumbers across India can buy products and kitchen sinks from the dealers of LIPKA and scratch the coupon attached to it and win points which can later be cashed!

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