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Top 11 Luxury Bathroom Accessories from Manufacturer Brand


Top 11 Luxury Bathroom Accessories from Manufacturer Brand

Want to upgrade your regular bathroom to a luxury one? Here are some of the most popular and best-selling bathroom accessories to amp up your bath space!

CUBA Towel Rack

The Towel Rack from Cuba series is stylish, modern, and made with solid 304-grade stainless steel. It is a perfect bathroom accessory to wall mount in your bathrooms for storing fresh towels, clothes, loofas, and other utility items. The non-rusting feature of the material adds durability to the towel rack.

ECLIPSE Paper Holder

The paper holder or tissue roll holder from the Eclipse series is a good way to maintain hygiene and sanitation in your toilet seat area. This anti-corrosive premium stainless steel bathroom accessory holds a tissue roll near your toilet seat and has a flap that prevents the tissue from getting wet.

Coloured Toilet Cistern

The coloured toilet cisterns made of solid heat-resistant and antibacterial PVC adds a pop of colour to your bathrooms. The soft blue, the beautiful pink and the subtle white colour can blend in with any bathroom flooring and décor.

Sliding Health Faucet

The sliding health faucet is a crucial bathroom fitting for maintaining self-hygiene. It can be wall mounted near the toilet seat. The sliding trigger enables a concentrated flow for a clean wash and the flexible hose allows ease of handling the faucet head. Built with strong unbreakable ABS and chrome plated with 3-tier surface protection, the health faucets have long-lasting durability.

CUBA Napkin Ring

A small hand towel is required in the vanity or the washbasin area to wipe your hands after using the wash basin. For this, a small and sleek towel ring can be wall-mounted near the basin. This makes the bathroom look convenient. The napkin ring from the Cuba series is a perfect choice. This C-shape classy napkin ring has a glossy finish and smooth edges.

POINT Double Soap Dish

The double soap dish from the Point series is one of the best accessories to install in the shower area. It gives you more space to store soap bars and other items that you may require while taking a shower. The soap dishes are built with Premium stainless Steel and resist rusting for a long time even though they are continuously in touch with water most of the time.

CLASSIC Rectangular Wall Tray

This highly reflective super glossy tray can be wall mounted under the mirror in your vanity area and is a perfect solution to organize your routine self-care tools and toiletries. Made of Premium Stainless steel, it offers good space and has the capacity to hold all the needful items.

MATRIX Robe Hook (Khuti)

The classy square-cut robe hooks (Khuti) from the Metrix series are high on aesthetics and have polished edges and can endure the weight of wet towels. They can be firmly wall mounted using the installation accessories included and serve as a space-saving accessory in your bathrooms.

CUBA Liquid Soap Dispenser

In times when extra effort is made to keep the environment hygienic, a liquid soap dispenser from the Cuba series is a must-have. The soap dispenser squeezes an ample amount of liquid for each wash and prevents the spreading of bacteria. It can be wall mounted near the washbasins and even in shower areas to store shampoos and conditioners.

Pop-up Waste Coupling

The pop-up waste coupling is a new luxury style statement in bathrooms. This waste coupling can be installed in any washbasin. The pop-up feature allows you to collect water in the basin and create a pool to wash and clean and then drain out the water instantly.

Shelf Trays

The corner round shelf trays made of strong unbreakable ABS are an ideal fitting for shower areas. This set of 3 trays can be used to store toiletries. The water-proof material ensures resistance from rusting and corrosion and ensures good load-bearing capacity for the trays.

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