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Best Extension Nipples, Elbows & Tees Online in India


Best Extension Nipples, Elbows & Tees Online in India

What is an Extension Nipple?

It is a steel, brass or metallic bathroom allied item that has a threaded exterior on one end and internal threads on the other end.

What is the Basic Function of an Extension Nipple?

The basic function of an Extension Nipple is to increase the length of any fixture to enable the attachment of any pipe or accessory. As the name suggests, it provides an extension to the threads of the fixtures so they can be easy to fix or attach together.

Where is an External Nipple Used?

The extension nipple is helpful when connecting interior elbow joints to external faucets and taps through heavy layers of cement or tiles.

extension nipple

What is an Elbow?

A pressure piping system's critical component for changing the direction of fluid flow is the steel or brass pipe elbow, which is also referred to as a bend in some contexts.

What is the Basic Function of an Elbow?

It is used to join two pipes of the same nominal diameter or different nominal diameters and to change the direction of the fluid flowing through the pipe by 45 or 90 degrees.

Where are Elbows Used?

Elbows usually have female threads on their ends and are installed with fixtures or valves which have male threads. The elbow fitting is used in many places in homes, especially in gas lines because it reduces the number of joints between the connection of two pipes and consequently reduces the chances of leakages.


What is a Tee?

One of the most adaptable plumbing connections is the pipe tee, which is frequently utilised in domestic, industrial, and commercial settings.

What is the Basic Function of a Tee?

A fitting or connector known as a pipe tee is used to connect two or more plumbing pipes. These fittings, which are characterized by their T-shaped form, attach the two pipes or tubes at a 90-degree angle.

Where can a Tee be Installed?

To divert some water to the kitchen and some to the bathroom, a pipe tee can be installed at the home's main water supply line. It can also be used to connect two independent sewage lines into one main drain line that can connect to a municipal drainage pipe in the home's wastewater system.


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