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Bathroom Water Drain Jali for Better Drainage System - Lipka Home

Bathroom Water Drain Jali for Better Drainage System


From the architecture to the functioning of a house, everything has been evolved and upgraded by technology. The Drainage system is no exception in the upgrade. There are numerous types of Drain Jalis available in the market that can work efficiently and provide a good drainage system to a bathroom.

Bathroom Water Drain Jali for Better Drainage System

Types of Floor Drain Jali to Consider

Drain Jali with Trap

To enhance the water drainage system in the bathroom, a bathroom jali is installed. Additionally, a trap that is installed beneath the drain jali keeps rodents, bugs, and cockroaches out of the bathroom while also preventing odour.

Drain Jali without Trap

A bathroom drain jali is installed in the bathroom without a cockroach trap to speed up the water drainage through the surface perforations. It has a grating top that is hinged for ease of handling and to prevent losing the top.

Drain Jali with Hole for Waste Pipe

The built-in hole in the Floor Drain makes it simple to attach the waste pipes from the kitchen sink, washing machine, and bathroom sink with no issues. It contains a hole for waste pipe attachment and a hinged drain cover that makes handling it straightforward and prevents loss.

Floor Drain Jali Designs for a Luxurious Look

There are fresh and stylish floor drain designs available in the market if you find the standard bathroom water drain jali uninteresting. They are creative yet elegant enough to offer your bathroom an opulent and high-end appearance.

Pop-up Floor Drain

To control the drainage of strong flows of water, the Round Pop-Up Floor Drain is a modernised floor trap with a pop and lock system. Because it completely encloses the drain, these floor drains have a push-and-pop system that enables speedy drainage if there is a heavy water flow. This system also gives the décor a nice and tidy appearance.

Linear Floor Drain

Large-volume floor drains with a drain cover, tray, and cockroach trap are known as linear or long floor drains. They are excellent for commercial use since they include extensive drainage technology that allows water to flow fast.

Exclusive Square Cockroach Trap Floor Drain

Floor drains in the shape of a square with a cockroach trap fastened beneath the jali. Exclusive Square Cockroach Trap Floor Drain has a modernized, easily detachable grate that enable quick water drainage.

Gemini Square Floor Drain

A floor drain with jali is a sleek, modern drainage necessity that has a hinged drain cover and a jali that keeps drainage pipes from being clogged. The Gemini Square Floor Drain is hinged with the frame, and the drain cover is always concealed and has a streamlined appearance.

What Material to Consider for Longevity?

The best material that guarantees longevity is AISI 304-Grade Stainless Steel that has a tough composition, commendable endurance to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and efficient resistance to corrosion and rusting. LIPKA Floor drains are manufactured in this top-quality material and come with upto 10 years of full warranties.

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