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Bengaluru Water Crisis: How Do You Contribute to Water Conservation?

Bengaluru Water Crisis: How Do You Contribute to Water Conservation?


Bengaluru stands as the nucleus of startups, corporate giants, and perpetual dynamism. Despite catalysing numerous financial revolutions, the city falters in affording its citizens a fundamental right: access to water. How did Bangalore reach this juncture?

Last year, Bengaluru encountered a staggering 18% decline in rainfall, the lowest since 2015. Even during the post-monsoon phase, precipitation in the southern region of India remained notably deficient. Addressing this crisis on March 18, 2024, the Chief Minister acknowledged a water deficit of 500 million litres, equivalent to a fifth of the city's demand. He emphasised ongoing efforts to augment water provisions.

How Can I Conserve Water?

As a conscientious citizen, what steps can you take to champion the critical cause of water conservation?

The imperative for water conservation transcends geographic confines, resonating nationwide. In combating escalating water wastage and shortages, immediate action is required. Installation of water-saving aerators for taps represents a practical measure. By using faucets with aerators, individuals can significantly curtail water consumption, thus mitigating the crisis. Our commitment to reforming ingrained habits underscores our dedication to safeguarding the environment and securing our collective future. 


Average Water Usage During Routine Activities:

Shower: Bathing takes about 70 litres to 80 litres for an average Indian household. 

Dish Washing: approximately 35-40 litres of water.

Washing Machine: Washing clothes in the machine takes about 60 litres for a fully automatic machine and twice the amount for a semi-automatic machine. 

Brushing Your Teeth: 15 Litres  


5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

Here are some ways you can make a change, if you wish to, for the betterment of one and all. 

Take shorter showers: Gone are the days for longer showers, it's important now we mindfully use water, whenever we do. Use buckets instead. Our old balta-mugga is for the win. When you use buckets, you have a tentative idea of the amount of water you’re using.  

Wastewater recycling: Water is used in every basic activity we do. Waste water recycling is one great way to conserve water and use it for other purposes such as watering plants, cleaning our house or any other activity that requires water and can be used. Waste water from washing vegetables, cleaning clothes etc can be great ways of using up used water for other ways. 

Using Taps with foam flow aerators: Aerators are a great way to ensure water is used in a controlled manner. Aerators are small sieve-like devices that are attached to the faucet outlet. The mesh of the aerator adds air to the water, filters impurities and reduces the quantity that is flowing out. The bubbly water is streamlined, splash-free and soft on the skin as well. LIPKA faucets come with aerators attached to them ensuring reduced water wastage by 20%-30%.

Collection of rainwater: Rainwater harvesting is a great way of conserving water. The harvested water can be used for many resources such as washing clothes, irrigation, cleaning etc. 

Turn off the Taps when not in use: Many of us often have the habit of turning on the water tap while we brush our teeth, scrubbing our utensils, and applying face wash or shampoos. But why do we do that? We don’t want the water running in the background just because we might want some during these activities. We can always turn off the taps while brushing, washing, scrubbing, etc. These small habits save tons of water every day.

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Before the calamity befalls us like it has for Bangalore, let's be mindful of ourselves and for our future to have a secure base. Moving forward let's measure every amount of water wasted incoherently for no reason.

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