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Bathroom Allied items

You might have come across the term allied items during your search for kitchen and bath fittings and wondered what exactly are these things. Allied items are nothing but the small equipment or tool that are required to fix your kitchen and bathroom fittings. 

Here is a list of a few common and widely used allied items that are definitely a part of your home but you may still be unaware: 

Connection Pipes 

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom fittings, connection pipes are the pipes that join the fixtures to a source of water supply or connect them to the nearest space for draining the wastewater. Kitchen sinks have drain pipes attached to their sink coupling which allows wastewater from the sink to drain into the floor drain under it. Even Bathroom washbasins may have waste pipes. Then you have connection pipes in your geyser that supply water from the tanks to the geyser and then to the mixer faucets. Connection pipes are manufactured in stainless steel or PVC. These materials are durable and the most appropriate when it comes to usage with water. 

Bottle Traps 

You must have often seen bottle traps under your washbasins. A bottle trap is a vessel with a larger diameter than the plumbing pipe coming from the washbasin. This vessel fills with new water every time the washbasin is used. As a result, the trap is always filled with a set volume of water. When sewage gases swirl up the drainage system through the outlet pipes, they reach the bottle trap, and they are trapped by the water that has been collected in the trap. The channel stays closed, preventing the trash or gases from entering the bathroom. It is especially a basin accessory that is installed under the basins that helps in keeping the bathroom hygienic and free from the unpleasant smell and toxic gases that may come out of the dirt and waste accumulated in the sewage pipes of the building. 

Sink Couplings

Normally known as a waste coupling, these are drainage fixtures that are commonly used to drain wastewater from washbasins, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, etc. The kitchen sink waste couplings are used to join your kitchen sink to the waste pipe. The coupling’s upper part has a Jali that prevents any food residue or solid waste from getting into the drainpipe and causing clogging of the drain. 


When it comes to your wall-mounted faucets or water taps, or any other wall fixture in your bathroom or kitchen sinks, you must have noticed that there is a plate-like structure that is attached to the rear end of the fixture. This is called a flange. It is like a collar or a rim for the bathroom fixture and provides strength to the attachment of the fixture to the wall. 


Aerators are small Jali-like or sieve-like structures that are attached to the outlet of the faucet. The aerators basically add air to the water flow giving it a foamy and bubbly texture. Due to this, even if there is a low-pressure supply of water at your home, you wouldn’t feel so, because the aerators make the illusion of high-pressure water. This mechanism saves a lot of water and even gives you the satisfaction of a squeaky-clean wash. 

LIPKA caters for all your requirements when it comes to fixing and attaching new fixtures to your bathrooms or kitchens!

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