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PVD Coated Shower Drain Channels

Discover a blend of luxury and functionality with LIPKA's PVD-coated shower drain channels. Exquisitely engineered and 100% made in India, our colored floor drains offer an extraordinary fusion of design and durability.

Adorned with a high-end PVD coating, these channels come in two magnificent colours: Antique Copper and Yellow Gold. Radiating a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication to your bathroom space. More than a functional necessity, LIPKA's shower drain channels are a statement of luxury and an adornment to your premium lifestyle.

For those seeking seamless integration, we provide marble-insert and tile-insert variants. These designs allow for an uninterrupted visual flow, ensuring the drain channel complements your flooring elegantly. Each piece serves as an intricate detail that enhances your bathroom's aesthetic appeal, while efficiently performing its role.

Rest assured of our promise of durability, as we offer a generous 7-year warranty on all our gold floor drains. LIPKA is one of the leading yellow gold PVD finish Shower Drains manufacturers which offers PVD coated drainers.

Benefits Of PVD Coating

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating is a process that vaporises a number of metals and then deposits them onto a surface in layers to create a hard, durable finish. This sets PVD-coated brushed gold shower grate apart from their contemporaries in a few significant ways:

  • Enhanced Durability: PVD coating dramatically increases the hardness and durability of shower drain channels. The surface becomes resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and scratches, ensuring long-term usage even in the wet, frequently cleaned environment of a shower.
  • Aesthetic Variety: PVD coating offers a variety of stunning colours, such as Antique Copper and Yellow Gold, among others. This provides versatility in design that goes beyond the typical silver or chrome finishes found in many bathrooms.
  • Improved Maintenance: PVD-coated channels require less maintenance than uncoated options. The surface is easier to clean and more resistant to the build-up of soap scum and mineral deposits, saving homeowners time and effort.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The PVD coating process is more environmentally friendly than many traditional coating techniques. It does not produce harmful byproducts or use hazardous materials, aligning with the increasing demand for eco-friendly home solutions.
  • Fade and Tarnish Resistant: The PVD process ensures the coating does not flake, fade, or tarnish over time, unlike some other finishes. This ensures the drains maintain their lustre and appealing appearance over the years.

Top Coloured Floor Drains Designs:

  • - Linear Golden Drains
  • - Wave Gold Drain Channels
  • - Palo Gold Floor Drain
  • - Antique Gold Marble Insert
  • - Golden Tile Insert Floor Drains

*Shower Drain Channels dealers in India and Shower Drain Channels distributors in India can also grow their business’s with LIPKA. For more information call on 1800-212-2830

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