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7 Kitchen Fittings to Make Your Kitchen Functional - Lipka Home

7 Kitchen Fittings to Make Your Kitchen Functional


7 Kitchen Fittings to Make Your Kitchen Functional

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and having the right kitchen fittings is important for making a significant difference in your cooking experience. From prepping meals to washing dishes, the right kitchen fittings can streamline your tasks and make your kitchen a more efficient and enjoyable space. In this blog, we will explore seven essential kitchen fittings that can enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Sink with Tap Hole

A high-quality 304-Grade Stainless Steel handmade kitchen sink with a tap hole is a fundamental component of any functional kitchen. It provides a designated area for washing dishes, vegetables, and fruits. A deep and wide sink allows you to easily clean large pots and pans. Additionally, the tap hole allows you to install a faucet, making it convenient to wash and rinse your dishes efficiently.

sink with tap hole

2. Rotating Faucet

A rotating or swivel faucet is a modern addition to your kitchen sink that can greatly improve functionality. This type of faucet allows you to move the spout in different directions, giving you more flexibility when cleaning or filling large containers. It eliminates the need to manoeuvre heavy items around the sink, reducing strain on your back and arms. Faucets like Sink tap with a swivel spout or sink mixer faucets with a swivel spout are the best in this category.

rotating faucet

3. Napkin Ring

A small yet valuable addition to your kitchen fittings is a napkin ring. It keeps your napkins organised and easily accessible, preventing them from cluttering your countertops. Napkin rings come in various materials and designs, adding a touch of style to your kitchen decor while making it a breeze to grab a napkin when needed.

Wall Mounted Towel or Napkin Rings

4. Soap Dispenser

Maintaining proper hygiene in the kitchen is essential, and a soap dispenser can play a vital role in achieving that. Instead of keeping a bulky soap bottle on your sink, a soap dispenser offers a neat and convenient solution. You can fill it with liquid soap and mount it right next to your faucet, ensuring that you can wash your hands quickly before and after handling food.

liquid soap dispenser for kitchen

5. Floor Drain with Cockroach Trap

While not the most glamorous addition, a floor drain with a cockroach trap is an essential fitting for any kitchen. Floor drains help prevent water accumulation, which can be a common issue in busy kitchens. The added cockroach trap acts as a barrier, preventing pests from entering your kitchen through the drain and keeping your kitchen environment clean and sanitary.

Pest Control with Cockroach Trap Floor Drains

6. Stainless Steel Shelf Tray

Optimising storage space is crucial in a functional kitchen. A stainless steel shelf tray can be a game-changer when it comes to organising your kitchen essentials. It can be installed under the sink or inside cabinets, allowing you to maximise your storage space efficiently. Stainless steel is durable and resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable material for storing cleaning supplies and other items.

Pest Control with Cockroach Trap Floor Drains

7. Vegetable Basket

A sliding adjustable basket is a versatile and space-saving kitchen fitting. These baskets can be used with any type of kitchen sink irrespective of the size of the kitchen sink. The vegetable strainers can be adjusted according to the size of the sink. It can be easily installed in cabinets and allows for convenient access to stored items. 

Adjustable Vegetable Basket

Having the right kitchen fittings can significantly enhance the functionality of your kitchen and make your culinary tasks much more enjoyable. You can get all these 7 essential kitchen fittings online at LIPKA. From the practicality of a rotating faucet and soap dispenser to the organisation provided by napkin rings and vegetable baskets, these fittings can transform your kitchen into a well-organised and efficient space.

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