Buy Bathroom And Kitchen Fittings Online With Lipka Home

Handmade Kitchen Sink

Piled-up utensils? Fret not! Here’s our beautifully handcrafted voluminous sink collection that will liven up your kitchen space!

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Kitchen Sink

Sinks are available in a variety of practical, unique, contemporary styles to complement any household theme.

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Experience rejuvenation in a completely new style with our versatile collection of faucets that are no less than highly functioning accessories.

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Shower Drain Channel

Maintaining cleanliness never seemed so classy and stylish until our most-selling shower drain channels did the rounds.

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Floor Drain

High on functionality, high on style, high on efficiency! What else could you ask from a floor drain?! Check out our premium floor drain collection.

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Relieve your stress, freshen up your mood, brighten your day with our exclusive range of luxurious high-pressured showers.

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Bathroom Accessories

Thinking of recreating your bathroom space? We’ve got you! Check out our rich assortment of adaptable accessories to enhance your bathroom aesthetics.

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PTMT Fittings

Strong and beautiful- inside out! Take a look at our PTMT Fittings collections to refurbish your homes and other settings for absolute convenience.

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Allied Items

Need equipment to mount, fix, install, attach your bathroom or kitchen fittings? Browse through our collection of allied items, you won’t be disappointed!

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