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7 Golden Rules for a Mess-Free Kitchen


7 Golden Rules for a Mess-Free KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of every home, where delicious meals are prepared and memories are created. However, it's also a place that can easily become cluttered and messy if the kitchen fittings are not organized properly. To maintain a tidy and efficient kitchen, it's essential to implement some golden rules that will help you stay organized and mess-free.

1. Space for Drying Wet Dishes

One of the common sources of kitchen mess is a pile of wet dishes occupying valuable counter space. To avoid this, consider installing a double bowl sink or a sink with a drainboard. Having two separate bowls allows you to keep one side free for washing while the other side is available for drying dishes. If a double bowl sink is not an option, a sink with a built-in drainboard provides an excellent alternative for air-drying dishes, reducing the need for dish racks cluttering the countertops.

Space for Drying Wet Dishes

2. Liquid Soap Dispenser for Storing Dish Soap

Keep your kitchen sink area neat and organized by using a liquid soap dispenser for dishwashing liquid. This prevents the hassle of dealing with messy soap bottles and keeps the area around the sink clean. Opt for a dispenser with a sleek design that complements your kitchen decor, and refill it as needed to ensure a continuous supply of soap for your washing needs.

Liquid Soap Dispenser for Storing Dish Soap

3. Wall Mounted Towel or Napkin Rings

Having a dedicated spot for kitchen towels or napkins is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining a tidy kitchen. Install wall-mounted towel or napkin rings near the sink or stove area for easy access. This prevents towels from being strewn all over the counter and ensures that you always have a clean one on hand for spills and quick clean-ups.

Wall Mounted Towel or Napkin Rings

4. Rods with Hooks for Hanging Kitchen Tools

Cluttered countertops can make your kitchen feel chaotic. To free up space and keep your cooking tools within reach, consider installing rods with hooks on the kitchen walls or the inside of cabinet doors. Hang frequently used utensils, ladles, and other kitchen gadgets on these hooks to keep them organized and off the counter.

Rods with Hooks for Hanging Kitchen Tools

5. Adjustable Vegetable Basket 

A vegetable washing basket is a practical addition to any kitchen. It allows you to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables without making a mess in the sink. Choose an adjustable sliding basket with a handle for easy lifting and drainage holes to ensure excess water can escape. By using a dedicated basket for washing produce, you can maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.

Adjustable Vegetable Basket

6. Corner Shelf for Storage

Utilize the often-overlooked corners of your kitchen by installing corner shelves. These shelves are perfect for storing spices, cooking oils, and other frequently used ingredients. By keeping these items off the counter and neatly organized on corner shelves, you'll create more space for food preparation and maintain an orderly kitchen.

corner shelf for storage

7. Pest Control with Cockroach Trap Floor Drains

Pests can quickly turn a clean kitchen into a chaotic nightmare. Install cockroach trap floor drains in your kitchen to prevent creepy crawlers from invading your space. These traps are designed to catch pests before they become a problem, ensuring your kitchen remains pest-free and hygienic.

Pest Control with Cockroach Trap Floor Drains

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A mess-free kitchen is achievable with the implementation of these 7 golden rules. The best part is all these kitchen fittings and accessories are now available online at LIPKA. All you need to do is choose your desired designs, order online and get your kitchen organised!

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