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There is a warranty period for each item. A warranty can only be used once it has expired according to the guidelines provided for each product.
1. You must send the following information by email or WhatsApp to make a warranty claim:

  • Evidence of Purchase (Invoice)
  • Order ID screenshots and a video of the defective item
  • A video of the defective item

2. After receiving your request to claim the warranty, one of our customer support representatives will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours to assist you with the next steps.
3. You are responsible for covering the one-sided cost of shipping the damaged or defective product to us if the product covered by warranty needs to be replaced.



In the following circumstances, this warranty is not applicable or is void:
1. During the repair, the Company's authorised service professionals are not presented with the original invoice or warranty card as proof of purchase. In this situation, service will still be provided, but it will be paid for according to the usual labour and/or parts rates (as applicable) in effect at the time.
2. The Product is not set up or utilised by the manual's recommendations for installation.
3. The product's installation site conditions do not support the required operating conditions listed in the product's instruction manual (supplied along with the product).
4. Defects brought on by incorrect usage, careless handling damage, abuse, tampering, neglect, or lack of attention, as well as in cases of alterations or repairs made by unauthorised individuals, as assessed by the firm.

5.Corrosion or defect to the product caused due to Hard Water and Toxic Gases from the Sewage. (It is advised that you purchase 304-Grade Stainless Steel products for greater resistance to rusting and corrosion due to hard water and toxic gases).

6. Defects brought on by elements beyond the Company's control, such as but not restricted to:
• Natural disasters like cyclones and earthquakes.
• God's acts.
• Negligence or mistreatment by the Customer
• Normal deterioration.
• Damage brought on by contact with chemicals, acids, and cleaners like phenyls, etc.
• Defects or harm resulting from any type of operation, upkeep, installation, adjustment, alteration, or modification.
• When a third-party part, spare, or product is utilised in conjunction with a Lipka product and has an impact on the product's use, performance, or functionality.
• No warranty will apply to any failure brought on by an unsupported or third-party component.
• Defects or harm brought on by domestic pets, rodents, cockroaches, lizards, or other creatures.
• If you buy the product from an unapproved dealer.
• Handling the products incorrectly.
• Improper product cleaning and maintenance.
7. Whether or not the product was used at any point during that time for whatever reason, this guarantee terminates after the warranty period. Any reference to a different warranty document is not taken into account and only this warranty document applies to LIPKA items supplied in India. The only documented warranty that Lipka provides is this one.

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