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A bib cock is a normal tap/faucet you find in your home. It has a handle/lever that is manually operated to control the water flow. Bib cock faucets are meant for wall mount installations.
AISI stands for Australian Iron and Steel Institute. 304-grade is a quality of steel that has alloying metals like Nikel and Chromium which makes the steel corrosion and rust-resistant.
An angle cock or commonly known as an angle valve is which is used as an extended outlet of water with a handle/lever that controls the flow of water. The water continuously flows through the pipelines but the angle valve controls the flow of it in the direction it is extended to. It is usually used for geyser connections, flush pipelines, etc.
“Long body” simply means that the distance between the body of the faucet and the spout from where the water flows is longer than in the usual faucets. This is to allow an extended water flow. These faucets are used for medium and large sinks and washbasins.
A swivel spout is a type of tap that can rotate giving you the ease of controlling the direction of the water flow.
Quarter turn faucets are the ones where the handle/levers rotate to a quarter i.e., 90 degrees for turning on and off the water flow in full pressure. These are modernized faucets and are much better than the traditional ones that required a minimum of two turns to be able to give out full pressure of water.
A concealed stop cock acts as a switch in the form of a tap/faucet to cut off the water flow whenever required. It is a hidden valve that restricts the water flow from the main pipeline.
A 2-inlet diverter can be connected to two sources of water, for instance, the overhead tank and the geyser. A 3-inlet diverter can be connected to three sources of water supply such as submersible, overhead tank, and geyser.
The Lipka Pillar Cock Faucet from the Arise Collection is designed for table mount installation, so it can be used with any type of sink or washbasin.
The Lipka Arise Pillar Cock is a draw-off tap with a vertical inlet, an upright outlet, or a horizontal outlet. The tap has an internal spindle that controls water flow.
Our expertise and several years of experience enable us to consistently deliver the best material products at market-leading prices. The products are made from high-quality raw materials such as brass and stainless steel.
The Lipka Arise Pillar Cock features a ceramic disc with a diameter of 15 mm.
Lipka Arise Pillar Cock comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty
The LIPKA Arise Pillar Cocker provides an efficient water experience with minimal splashes. The product's elegant design is matched with an impressive performance. The installation is simple and straightforward.
Swivel function is particularly useful for working both to the left and to the right of the tap. This also makes working at the sink unit easier since you can easily switch between bowls and procedures.
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