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Why should you go for LIPKA Kitchen Sinks?


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks, a.k.a washbasins, sinkers, basins, hand basins, or washbowls are an essential fixture in homes and pantries used mostly for washing hands, vegetables, dishes, small items, etc. Kitchen sinks come with a fitting of faucet and have lately become the source of water in the kitchens, sufficing all cleaning and cooking purposes. 

Lipka is the largest manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fittings that combine elegant look and aesthetics with great features. Their products give you a unique look to your bathroom and kitchen with their luxurious collection of elegant designs and look. Lipka believes in making your kitchen aesthetically pleasing and distinctive. Since its inception in 2009, the brand has expanded into various verticals, including kitchen sinks, faucets, floor drains, unbreakable bathroom accessories, and allied bath fittings

Lipka’s Kitchen Sinks

Material: Lipka has a substantial variety of sinks that would fit the décor and the needs of every kitchen. Lipka manufactures its practical and exclusive kitchen sinks in stainless steel with a 1 mm thickness. 

Types: The economically friendly and widely purchased premium stainless-steel sinks come in the categories of round and square bowls, which are hydraulically drawn and handmade sinks that have welded corners. 

Unique Perceived Benefits of handmade kitchen sinks: The handmade sinks have the added advantage of extra volume. Moreover, the corners of the handmade sinks are left slightly rounded to avoid residues or dirt getting wedged, making the sink easy to clean and maintain for a longer period. 

Simple and Aesthetic: Lipka’s single or double bowl kitchen sink looks absolutely fantastic and goes perfectly with the overall look of the kitchen. Additionally, this design permits you to keep your countertop tidy and simple. If you want to decorate your homes in a way that lasts longer and gives them a beautiful taste, then choose Lipka square and round designs.

Convenient and Easy to Use: The single bowl kitchen sink may be the best choice for people who are planning on washing their dishes and other utensils by hand. Due to the larger size of single kitchen sinks, you can wash larger pots and pans easily.

Create Extra Counter Space: If you choose a Lipka single bowl, double bowl, or handmade kitchen sink, you generally have more counter space. Each dish can be rinsed and placed on the countertop above or beside. The kitchen sink with a drainboard offers you an opportunity for multi-tasking. It helps to drain the water into the kitchen sink after washing the dishes. The sleek liner grooves on the drainboard make allow quick drainage of water. 

Sound-Proof: We know cooking can be stressful at times and you need a peaceful environment for that. Therefore, LIPKA’s kitchen sinks come with sound dampening pads that absorb the noise created by running water or clashing of the utensils to ensure a pleasant experience every time. 

Every kitchen needs a sink, which goes without saying. So, if you are moving into a new house? OR remodeling your kitchen? OR tired of the regular sink at your place?
Check out our collection on the website to buy kitchen sinks online. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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