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Which Floor Drain Design is Best for Bathroom?


Floor drains are made to safely and effectively transport water to a sewer or municipal storm drain, whether they are indoor or outdoor, keeping the floor dry and preventing flooding in the rooms. The goal of traps is to stop sewage odours and gases from entering your house down the drain. Therefore, a floor drain is an essential component of the bathroom that maintains the bathroom's harmony for a smoother lifestyle free from drainage problems day in and day out.

Which Floor Drain Design is Best for Bathroom

Floor Drain for Attractive Bathroom Floor

Floor drains used to be quite beautiful, while others were downright awful. However, with the advancement of bathroom fixtures and designs, more opulent and attractive floor drain options are now readily available. For a luxurious bathroom, LIPKA develops goods like marble inset floor drains and invisible floor drains. They are made so that, despite being hardly visible to the unaided eye, they are present and perform superior to a standard drain. They are difficult to clog and keep pests and unpleasant odours out of your bathroom through the cockroach trap attached to them.

Anyone can easily clean the drain in the bathroom floor at any time thanks to the flexible design. We can clear the floor drain without the help of a plumber.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making a Decision

  • Shape of Floor Drain

The drain's dimensions and shape should be predetermined in order for it to fit the available space. Before inserting the drain, be sure to take the precise measurements because these drains only appear attractive and smooth when they are set correctly.

  • Size of the Tiles

Smaller tiles make it possible to fit the point drain without doing a lot of labour, like cutting tiles. With larger tiles, a linear drain can, however, be effective. If you're using linear drains, you might also cover the drain with tiles to hide it.

  • Cost of Best Jali

Different designs of bathroom water drain jail are available. Simple ones are less expensive, however designer styles could be slightly pricier. The drain's appearance in terms of decor must also be taken into account. However, choosing a high-quality drain will be worthwhile in the long run even if it costs a little bit more.

  • Easy Installation Process

Check the type of bathroom drain jali drain you are choosing if you plan to install the drain yourself. Installing a straightforward point drain is much simpler. Installing a linear bathroom drain jali square could be more difficult. To remedy this issue in your bathroom, it would be preferable to contact a professional.


What is better floor drain with a trap or without trap?

The floor drain trap prevents rodents, toxins, and unpleasant odours from entering the kitchen. So, it is better to obtain a floor drain with a trap.

Does Lipka have a Round Shape 304 Grade Jali range?

Yes, Lipka has a premium range of Round shape 304 Jali range.

How much time does the floor drain work properly without any replacement?

The floor drain is durable and won't break down over time, but even if it does, Lipka offers a one-year warranty on its products.

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