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What are the Various Types of Faucets?

What are the Various Types of Faucets?


What are the Various Types of Faucets?

Faucets play a crucial role in daily life by providing a convenient and safe way to access clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene. They also help to conserve water by controlling the flow and reducing waste. Additionally, faucets can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space by offering a range of styles and features.


a) Single Handle Faucets: Single Lever Taps

In your bathroom vanity or washbasin area, the single lever pillar taps, the tall body pillar taps or the single lever basin mixer faucets are ideal. They have a sleek and minimal look and work well with the new in-trend tiles, marbles and various designs of countertops or wall-mount washbasins.

single handle faucet

b) Double Handle Faucets

The double-handle faucets are usually mixer faucets that allow you to mix hot and cold water for a desired water temperature. The centre hole basin mixer faucet for the washbasins and the telephonic wall mixer faucets are good options.

double handle faucet

c) Automatic On and Off Water Tap/Sensor Faucet

Sensor faucets or automatic on-and-off faucet are becoming popular as they provide a hygienic and infection-free hand-washing experience. LIPKA’s sensor faucets have a motion sensor on their outlet area which makes them sturdier and more durable.

sensor faucet

d) Wall Mixer 3 in 1/ L Bend Mixer Tap

The 3-in-1 Wall mixer faucet in the shower area is a solid single-bathroom fitting that allows you to experience hot & cold water through the hand shower, the overhead shower and the regular faucet spout.

Wall Mixer 3 in 1 L Bend Mixer Tap

e) Tip-Ton Faucet

The tip-ton faucets are spouts with a tip-ton button that allow you to connect a hand shower. This bathroom fitting is ideal if you have a bathtub.

tip-ton faucet


The following washroom taps can be turned on and off independently and may also include additional features such as flow control or locking mechanisms to prevent leakage or wastage of water.

a) 2 Way Bib Taps

2-way bib taps are plumbing fixtures with two outlets, typically used to control the flow of water to two separate fixtures. They are commonly used in toilet seat areas where a health faucet can be attached to the tap and the water flow in it can be controlled independently using a separate handle.

two way bib taps

b) 2-Way Angle Valves

A two way angle valve is a type of valve that has two ports and is typically installed at a 90-degree angle to the pipes it connects. It is used to regulate or shut off the flow of water in the flushing cisterns and the hand-held health faucet.

two-way angle valve


a) Sink Mixer Tap

A sink mixer faucet is a type of faucet that combines the hot and cold water supplies into a single spout, allowing the user to adjust the water temperature and flow with a single handle or knob. It is commonly used in kitchens and can come in a variety of styles and finishes to match the decor of the modular kitchen.

sink mixer tap

b) Concealed Stop Valve Faucet

A concealed stop valve faucet is a type of plumbing fixture that is installed inside a wall, with only the control knob or handle and spout visible on the surface. The valve is used to regulate the flow of water to a specific area or fixture and can be turned off in case of leaks or repairs. This type of faucet is commonly used in kitchens and provides a sleek and modern look by hiding the water supply behind the wall.

stop valve


a) PTMT Bib Taps

PTMT bib taps are manufactured in the premium plastic polymer. The material is tested to withstand high climatic and water temperatures and therefore is ideal for installation in outdoor areas. These taps are lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. They also have a smooth surface that helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria and other contaminants.

ptmt bib taps

b) Brass Nozzle Bib Taps

Brass nozzle bib taps feature a nozzle-shaped spout for water flow. They are typically used in outdoor settings, such as gardens, for watering plants or cleaning surfaces. The detachable nozzle makes it easy to connect to a hose or other watering device.

brass nozzle tap

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