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Top 5-Bathroom Essentials You Just Can’t Miss!


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Whether you are living in a villa, bungalow, apartment, or even a rental apartment, one thing is for sure; you will have a bathroom in your housing premises. Every bathroom is equipped with basic amenities such as a shower, faucet, toilet, and washbasin. Apart from these bathroom fittings that serve the basic purpose of bathrooms, there are a few accessories, which are essential if you want to give your bathroom a much-needed upgrade.

Lipka offers a sophisticated range of bathroom and kitchen fittings that combine elegance and aesthetics with functionality. The brand is successfully diversified into multiple verticals such as faucets, floor drains, kitchen sinks, PTMT fittings, bathroom accessories, and allied items. Lipka's products make your bathroom a place where you can relax and invigorate yourself.


Top 5 Bathroom Essentials That’ll Spice up Any Bathroom

Set the style with Arise faucets collection

Design your space with an outstanding collection of bathroom faucets that will give your bathroom an essence of grace and refinement. Indulge in the carefully curated designs of Arise collection for your unique taste that includes pillar cock (pillar taps), bib cock, nozzle bib cock, bib cock long body, bib cock two-way, angle valve, angle cock two-way, concealed stop cock, swan neck with swivel spout, sink cock with swivel spout, sink mixer with swivel spout, wall mixer non-telephonic, single-lever basin mixer, bathtub spout plain, wall mixer ‘L’ blend, wall mixer 3 in 1, bathtub spout tip-ton, and flush cock. 

The Arise collection of faucets is equipped with German foam flow technology that makes the flow of water smooth and streamlined. It is manufactured in brass material and has a shiny chrome polished body that adds to the appeal and aesthetics of your bathroom. The brass material, which is often considered to have purifying ions, makes these faucets suitable for kitchens as well. 

Create a perfect bath with the Ultra Thin Rain Showerhead

The ultra-thin rain showerhead enhances your bathing experience. Regular showerheads will simply spray water on your face and then create a sprinkle of water where water splashes everywhere except on you! But the best rain shower will allow water to flow from your head down to your shoulders before traveling to the rest of your body. The rain shower has an ultra-thin and broad spread of silicon nozzles that equally distribute the water for a rain-like experience. They are manufactured in premium stainless steel and chrome-plated for high-temperature tolerance, anti-erosive and rust-proof attributes.


Prevent pests with Flat Cut Exclusive Cockroach Jali

The flat-cut exclusive cockroach trap jali prevents foul smells as well as pests from entering your home through the drain pipes. These cockroach traps effectively filter waste such as dust, hair, and other particles to prevent drain clogging. They work with the weight of the water to avoid an overflow of water in the bathroom. The flat-cut cockroach traps are manufactured in AISI 304 grade stainless steel to provide strong and durable functionality as well as elegant aesthetics. 


Add space-saving Pyramid Bathroom Accessories

Make your morning area more pleasing with a pyramid collection of bathroom accessories that help to keep your bathroom decluttered. Choose minimalistic bathroom accessories sets from the pyramid collection that include a robe hook, napkin ring, tumbler holder, soap dish, towel rod, towel rack, double soap dish, paper holder, and soap dish with tumbler holder that are just designed to suit your needs. These products have smooth, polished edges to prevent tearing or damage to the hanging material, enhancing the overall look and feel of your bathroom.


Maintain personal hygiene with the Coma Health Faucet

The Coma health faucet has evenly spread holes for a concentrated flow of water. These faucets have a smooth, easy-to-use trigger; just a little pressure from the thumb is enough to start the flow. The slim build of the faucet saves space in your bathroom and makes it a useful solution for small bathrooms. The health faucet features a sharp design and stunning symmetry with gentle curves and an elegant design that gives it a stylish effect. These faucets can be attached to a bib cock or stop cock easily with a 1 m flexible shower tube. They are manufactured from high-quality brass material that is corrosion-resistant and durable with a chrome finish.

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