Sustainability in Luxury Home Fitting Manufacturing: A New Battlefield – Lipka Home

Sustainability in Luxury Home Fitting Manufacturing: A New Battlefield


Sustainability in Luxury Home Fitting Manufacturing A New Battlefield

Threats to the environment and the necessity for sustainability are influencing how luxury Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings manufacturers do business and how consumers display the brand loyalty. As access to commodities and the reputation of luxury brands are at danger due to sustainability, it is becoming more and more important and is being included into business plans for the Kitchen & Bath Fittings Sector. However, sustainability also brings enormous potential.

LIPKA Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings is one of the leading brands and is known to manufacture its products completely in India – from procurement of raw materials to the final packaging.

LIPKA's Contribution to Sustainability

  • Green Manufacturing Techniques

The fuel used for running the manufacturing machines in the factories is PNG. The fuel is carbon dioxide emissions-free and environmentally benign. Large manufacturing facilities have Effluent Waste Treatment Plants installed where factory wastewater is cleaned and neutralized before it is emptied into the main sewer. Additionally, LIPKA skillfully stores rainwater during the monsoons for use in a variety of industrial applications.

  • Sustainable Raw Material

The raw materials used at LIPKA are 304-grade stainless steel and pure brass ingot which are completely reusable material. The fittings manufactured in these materials are recyclable. They do not put a strain on the environment while they are being manufactured, utilised or after getting disposed. The Chrome plated brass faucets and installation accessories, the 304-Grade stainless steel kitchen sinks and accessories are the products that have upto 7 years of warranty and provide great performance. Once they need to be replaced, the products are easily recycled and reused.

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  • Eco-friendly & Reusable Packaging

LIPKA has a no tolerance to plastic policy. We use cloth bags that are reusable, corrugated boxes that are biodegradable and recyclable. This green approach makes the brand even closer to sustainability.

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