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Shower Drain Channels Luxurious Drainage Solutions


Shower Drain Channel

Linear drains, long floor drains or even rectilinear bathroom drains- Known by various names, the Shower Drain Channels have become quite prevalent in commercial and residential places. LIPKA offers remarkable shower drain channels that not only cater to the needs of big establishments like hotels, offices and other commercial areas but also the normal households. 

YES, you read that right! You can install a shower drain channel in your regular bathroom, because not only does it form an essential part of a plumbing system in a home, but has become the architectural focal point to enhance the complete aesthetics of your bath space! But have you ever wondered what goes into the processing of this spectacular deluxe bathroom fitting? And why is it the best choice for any modern-day bathroom? 

Here’s WHY! 

Top-notch quality

LIPKA’s shower drain channels are manufactured completely in India. They are specially built from AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel- the toughest and the purest quality of steel available as a raw material in the market. The purity of the steel ensures that the shower drain channels for the bathroom do not rust or corrode due to excessive use or exposure to hard water making it a lifetime companion for your bathroom. 

Unbeatable Performance

The shower drain channels have liner grating tops which allow large volumes of water to drain out in just a few seconds. The normal length of the shower drain channels that LIPKA offers is 12 inches which makes for a long floor drain in any bathroom. These linear floor drains are equipped with stainless steel trays that quickly collect water and gradually drain them out into the sewage pipes keeping your bathroom dry at all times. 

Striking Looks

Apart from the superior drainage performance, the shower drain channels offer a minimalistic modern look to your bathroom. They are the trending choice among contemporary interior designers. The beautifully engineered grating tops with different designs will define the bathroom area. LIPKA also offers the marble insert and the tile insert shower drain channels that merge seamlessly with the marble or tiles used in your bathroom. This gives an invisible or uninterrupted look making the bathroom look nothing less than a modish art gallery! 

Hygiene Focused

The shower drain channels are equipped with cockroach traps that prevent pests and rodents from entering the bathroom space through the sewage pipes. The cockroach trap is designed to hold some amount of water at all times which creates a barrier for the insects. This keeps your bathroom pest-free throughout and saves you from any kind of infection. Moreover, this mechanism also eliminates any kind of foul smell or toxic gases that are a consequence of waste clogged in the sewage pipes, keeping your bathroom odourless. 

Easy Installation

The shower drain channels are easy to install. LIPKA’s shower drain channels are designed to fit perfectly in any bathroom, whether big or small. Usually suitable for 4 inches and above drain pipes, these shower drain channels are easy to clean and maintain as well. The removable grating top allows you to manually clean the tray as and when required. 

Stunningly Sustainable

The material used to manufacture these brilliant bath fittings is nature friendly. The steel can be completely recycled and reused. Apart from this, the shower drain channels come in eco-friendly and reusable packaging as well! 

We know that you’re convinced!

Well then, what are you waiting for? Check out the widest range of shower drain channels available online and start shopping!


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