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Revolution in PTMT Faucet

Revolution in PTMT Faucets


Revolution in PTMT Faucet

Position of PTMT Faucets a Decade Ago

Earlier PTMT water taps were considered mere plastic water taps that were only installed outdoors for a few insignificant purposes. They had a typical colour and a design which was the standard design. People were also not very keen on installing these PTMT taps and products in their households due to a lack of knowledge about the material and its benefits.


With the increase in awareness of this amazing material, the PTMT faucets gained the rage again! It is one of the most versatile materials in the bathroom fittings and accessory industry.

PTMT Pillar Cock Faucet


The strong composition of PTMT gives it a high level of resilience against extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. With the different temperatures of water flow, the PTMT material is such that it does not react with the varying temperature, making it safe to be used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Since the PTMT material does not react with water under any circumstances, it is a certified raw material and is safe for use in kitchens and bathrooms.


PTMT polymer does not rust or corrode due to excess exposure to moisture or water. It does not rot or peel like other materials. Therefore, it is safe to be installed in all areas irrespective of climatic conditions – be it warm areas, coastal areas or colder regions up north.


The PTMT Faucets by LIPKA are manufactured indigenously, and they have been tested to withstand 5 Lakh operations. The bathroom faucets are sturdy, durable, unbreakable and have brilliant functionality. These PTMT Faucets are ISI approved and comply with BIS requirements for your utmost satisfaction. These faucets require minimal maintenance with no polishing or lubrication required. They are immune to the damaging effects of harsh chemicals used for washing and cleaning, like detergents, acids, phenyl, etc.

PTMT Sink Cock with Swivel Spout Faucet


LIPKA has recently launched its most vibrant and colourful range of PTMT faucets with 3 years of warranty!

lipka ptmt faucet designs

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