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Luxurious Bathroom Makeover Ideas Under ₹10K

Luxurious Bathroom Makeover Ideas Under ₹10K


Luxurious Bathroom Makeover Ideas Under ₹10K

Everyone likes to follow trends and be up to date with the latest styles and fashion! So why should your bathroom be left behind? After all, it’s a space that you use several times every day. It is essential that it has all the elements of comfort, practicality and of course, aesthetics!

Do you want to give your bathrooms a makeover but have a tight budget?

Well, here’s a list of the most selling and popular bathroom fittings that are light on your pocket!

Wave Shower Drain Channel

PRICE: ₹2200

MATERIAL: AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel

SIZE: 12 x 3 Inches

WARRANTY: 10 Years

The wave shower drains channels make for the trendiest drainage systems one could install in their bathroom. Manufactured in 304-grade stainless steel, this non-rusting and anti-corrosive linear floor drains enable voluminous drainage and keep your bathroom floor dry at all times. They can be installed in the shower, bathroom as well as a toilet area. They are equipped with a cockroach trap that prevents pests and odour and comes with a side hole for hassle-free installation. The grating tops have multiple design options for you to choose from as per your interiors of the bathroom.

wave shower drain channel

Milano Health Faucet Set

PRICE: ₹900/-


ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Health Faucet Gun + Shower Tube + Holder

The Milano Health Faucet is the ultimate bathroom fitting that gives you the satisfaction of self-hygiene and cleanliness and makes for a beautiful accessory to your toilet seat area. The strong ABS polymer faucet gun does not rust, rot or peel due to the high temperature of the water. The shower head on the faucet gun has evenly spread nozzles for a concentrated flow for a clean experience and the trigger is smooth to operate. The set includes a stainless steel shower tube that supplies water to the faucet gun and a chrome-plated ABS holder to wall mount the health faucet near the toilet seat.

milano health faucet

Ultrathin Stainless Steel Overhead Shower

PRICE: ₹995/-

MATERIAL: Premium Stainless Steel

SIZE: 8 x 8 Inches

A big and sleek overhead shower that gives you a rain-like experience is a style statement already. This ultra-thin Shower head has tiny silicone nozzles that are easy to clean and give an intense-pressure flow to turn your mood right at any given point of the day! The material is resistant to rusting and has long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance.

overhead shower

Arise Single Lever Basin Mixer Faucet

PRICE: ₹3480/-

MATERIAL: Pure Brass Ingot

WARRANTY: 10 Years

The beautiful and bold single lever basin mixer faucet has the charm and convenience of items own! It gives you the desired temperature of the water with a single handle that is easy to operate. The brass mixer faucets have chrome plating with 3-tier surface protection that saves them from rusting due to constant exposure to water. The smooth and even interiors of the faucet equipped with a German Foam Flow Aerator gives a soft bubbly flow of water.

Arise single lever basin mixture

Kube Wall Mixer Faucet

PRICE: ₹2484/-

MATERIAL: Pure Brass Ingot

WARRANTY: 10 Years

This Wall Mixer Faucet is the perfect fitting that brings your showering space to life. Built with pure brass ingot and plated with 3-tier chrome copper and nickel, this faucet is strong and sturdy. It has separate handles to control hot and cold temperatures of water, can easily be wall-mounted and comes with complimentary flanges that make it a complete look.

kube wall mixer faucet

Head over to the LIPKA store and get going with your renovations!!!

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