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PTMT Fittings

Bathrooms are places for self-care, grooming, and maintaining basic hygiene!  The standard fixtures and accessories for a bathroom include washbasins, toilets, showerheads, and bathtubs, as well as other items like bidets, dressers, shelves, etc. Nowadays people are inclined towards buying plastic bath fittings instead of metal fixtures due to their anti-corrosive, rust-proof, water-resistant qualities. One such raw material, which in common parlance is referred to as plastic, is PTMT – Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate. The material was first introduced in India a decade ago, and it has since then become the most popular choice for manufacturing plastic taps and other bathroom fixtures.

PTMT gives the products a glossy finish, making them durable, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, with the online market booming, these products are easily accessible online. If you want to buy PTMT products online, read ahead! LIPKA offers the widest range of choices of bathroom fittings through its newest PTMT collection. Unlike the regular and mainstream designs and colors, LIPKA’s PTMT range is vibrant, aesthetically appealing, and unquestionably durable. Lipka delivers uncompromising quality with integrity in its goal of customer satisfaction. 


As opposed to the regular white-colored water taps, LIPKA’s PTMT faucets come in a beautiful ivory color that fits the shade schemes of every bathroom. Our Faucet collection has a diverse assortment in terms of the varying and changing demands of a convenient bathroom. These PTMT faucets are scratch-resistant and ideal for places where there’s a supply of hard water. So, if you’re dreaming of a beach house, then we suggest you to check out LIPKA’s PTMT collection!! 

From basic Bib Cocks, Angle Valves, Pillar Cocks, Sink Cocks to modernized 2-way bib cocks, 2 in 1 angle cocks, and Swan Neck taps, these PTMT faucets display creative add-ons like no other and smooth, complaint-free functioning with a 5-year warranty. 



Take a look at LIPKA’s remarkable Faucet collection: 

  • Royal Collection PTMT: With the motto of “Simplicity never goes out of style”, this collection stands superior to all PTMT products in the market in terms of functionality and looks. 

  • Crystal Collection PTMT:  A rustic brown shade contrasting strikingly with rich ivory color is what makes this collection different from the rest in the PTMT arena. The amazing range of faucets has a vibrant yet sophisticated look, a glossy finish that does not require any polish or lubrication, and is a perfect fixture for gardens, garages, washing areas, bathrooms, and public places.

  • Designo Collection PTMT: A finish that looks great on both traditional and contemporary backgrounds. LIPKA plastic water taps are rust-free, durable, elegant, and ideal for hard water. 

  • Emerald Collection PTMT: A minimalist aesthetic, infused with top-notch functionality is the highlight of the collection. This is a collection that is suitable for both subtle tastes and elite palettes. These faucets possess Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) which is a critical feature for the long-term durability of polymers. It is unbreakable and can withstand both hot and cold water.

Allied PTMT Items

LIPKA also offers a wide range of allied items such as PTMT or top-quality plastic push cock, connection pipe, jet spray multi, jet spray straight, and ball cock that are manufactured in rust-free polymer material. They feature a scratch-resistant finish for long-lasting performance. These PTMT Allied Items possess the best engineering polymer technology and can withstand hot water up to 75° C. Therefore, if you are looking for a change of taps in your homes, buy plastic taps online that add a hint of strength, breeze, and a cool look to your décor. 

Lipka's smart PTMT collections are the perfect replacement for your old, outdated faucets and allied items. Your bathroom space will liven up with these exclusive and skillfully manufactured products. 

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