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Kitchen Sinks: Types and Usage in Different Settings

Kitchen Sinks: Types and Usage in Different Settings


Kitchen Sinks: Types and Usage in Different Settings

When choosing a kitchen sink, it's essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the environment it will be used in. Here's a guide to help you select an ideal kitchen sink for each of the mentioned settings:


Commercial kitchens in restaurants require heavy-duty, durable sinks that can withstand high volumes of use. A stainless steel sink with multiple compartments (2-3) is ideal for easy separation of washing, rinsing, and sanitizing tasks. Look for sinks with deep basins and high weight-bearing capacity, as well as a drainboard for drying and storage. Handmade double-bowl kitchen sinks are a good option. In case there is more than one washing station then multiple large handmade single-bowl kitchen sinks can also be installed. Handmade bowls are known to offer more space due to their perfect and straight-cut edges.

restaurant sinks

Food trucks

Space is often limited in food trucks, so a compact, single or double-bowl stainless steel sink is a good choice. Look for a sink with a high backsplash and a pre-drilled hole for a wall-mounted faucet to minimize splashing and save space. Additionally, consider sinks with rounded corners for easy cleaning and maintenance. In the case of a small food truck, a single bowl with drainboard kitchen sinks is also a good idea as the drainboard provides extra space for cooking preparations like chopping, thawing, washing, drying, etc.

food truck kitchen sink

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For home kitchens, a sink's design and aesthetics are as important as functionality. Materials like stainless steel, granite composite, or fireclay are popular choices due to their durability and ease of maintenance. Choose between single or double-basin sinks, depending on your preference and kitchen size. Undermount, top mount, or farmhouse/apron-front sinks are popular styles for households. Normal Square and Round Single Bowl Kitchen sinks are also sufficient and serve the purpose of a nuclear family.

household kitchen sink


Bar sinks are typically smaller than kitchen sinks, as they're mainly used for washing glassware and preparing garnishes. A small square stainless steel sink with a smaller basin is ideal for this setting, preferably 16 x 18 inches.

Remember, when choosing a sink for any of these environments, consider factors like durability, ease of maintenance, space constraints, and aesthetic preferences.

sink in bar

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