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Is Sustainability the New Luxury in the Home Fitting Industry? - Lipka Home

Is Sustainability the New Luxury in the Home Fitting Industry?


Is Sustainability the New Luxury in the Home Fitting Industry?

A few years back, no one knew how to relate sustainability to the regular lifestyle. It was like one of those textbook terms we read in children’s social science books and newspapers. But the condition of the planet has deteriorated, and the times have changed now. Today, sustainability has become one of the most effective and essential approaches to maintaining the overall health of the planet and living a greener lifestyle.

There are greener and more eco-friendly fuels available for various mediums of transport, plastic is being substituted by paper and recyclable material, and home décor has been revamped to put less burden on the environment and generate minimal and manageable waste at its disposal.

Similarly, bathroom fittings have also started to be manufactured thoughtfully with eco-friendly and long-lasting raw materials that not only look beautiful but offer superior functionality and are easier for the earth to deal with!

Recyclable Stainless-Steel Material in Sink

Kitchen sink manufacturers can vouch for the 304-grade stainless steel material. This is the most suitable as well as the most practical raw material for manufacturing kitchen sinks. The 304-Grade stainless steel is said to have 8% nickel content which prevents it from rusting and corrosion ensuring its long-lasting durability. The ingenuity and purity of the stainless steel allow it to be recycled and reused easily. Plus, since these stainless-steel sinks last for a lifetime, they do not contribute to rapid waste generation.

304 grade kitchen sink

Exclusive Brass Faucet Design with Durability

Faucets manufactured in pure brass ingot or commonly known as virgin brass are again a smart option for heading towards a sustainable way of living. The Chrome Plated Brass Faucets are the most popular bathroom & kitchen fittings. The malleability of pure brass ingot allows it to take the shape of various luxurious designs and gives the aesthetically-conscious consumers numerous options to choose from. Moreover, brass does not contain any iron in it, which means it does not rust at all. The 3-tier surface protection of Chromium, Copper and Nickle saves it from discolouring as well.

faucet design

Eliminate Plastic Products in Bath Accessories

Households across the country choose plastic bathroom accessories since they still aren’t quite the prominent part of a convenient lifestyle. However, with the changing times, plastic polymers like PTMT and ABS have been introduced to the bathroom and kitchen fitting industry that is being used to manufacture state of art bathroom accessories like faucets, soap dishes, soap dispensers, towel rings, and so on. The other sensible option is to go for stainless steel bathroom accessories that not only look good but offer lasting durability.

stainless steel soap dishes


How does stainless steel material contribute to sustainability?

Stainless steel is a strong and tough material that does not easily rust or corrode. So, when you opt for a kitchen or bathroom fitting that is made from stainless steel, it is definite that the product will perform and sustain for a long time, which means minimal waste generation. Also, when disposed of, stainless steel is easily recyclable.

Why is Brass preferred in water tap manufacturing instead of other material?

Brass is tested to be the most compatible material for water-related operations. Especially with faucets, brass acts as an anti-microbial and allows for a purifying flow of water through the faucets. Plus, they don’t rust and are long-lasting.

Is brass and stainless-steel material reusable?

Yes. Pure Brass Ingot and high-quality stainless steel like 304-Grade stainless steel are completely recyclable and reusable.

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