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How to Get Rid of a Smelly Bathroom Drain?


When an unpleasant smell enters a person's nose in the bathroom, it might ruin their mood for the rest of the day. Bathrooms are where people go to relax their bodies. The fact that there is a terrible smell in the bathroom is a topic of conversation for a number of different reasons. Foul shower drain odour or blocked drain problems may be a very important factor in your bathroom's bad odour. A smelly bathroom drain not only makes you feel bad, but it also makes your bathroom unclean.

how to get rid of a smelly bathroom drain

Why does Your Shower Drain Smell?

When you notice an odour emanating from your shower drain, it is always a good idea to take clogs into account because they are a frequent problem. It is most likely that you have a clog in the drain if you find that your shower is draining slowly or not at all. Clogs can produce an unpleasant smell because they collect dirt and prevent your water from draining properly. Now, a shower drain can smell due to soap scums, hair, grime, and many other little particles.

How to Fix a Stinky Bathroom Drain?

It's imperative to clean a rotting bathroom drain before it does further harm. There are several strategies that can be used when at home to stop the stench.

Method 1: Home Remedies

Baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean bathroom drains while you're at home, but they won't get rid of hair clogs; instead, they work well to remove the soap scum that coats drainage pipes and slows them down. Every month, a short flush of the drain will also help lessen odour caused by germs that can develop in soap scum. This is all you have to do:

Heat some water: About 4 cups of water should be boiled in a tea kettle before being carefully dripped down the drain. Use hot water straight from the faucet rather than boiling water if you have PVC pipes.

Add Vinegar and Baking Soda: Put 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda through the drain, using a measuring cup if necessary. 

Wait and Rinse: After that, wait at least 10 minutes for the mixture to take effect, and then rinse with extra hot water.

Method 2: Fix it with a Cockroach Trap Drain

Gases, odours, and pests are kept out of the bathroom by the drain equipped with a cockroach trap. Pests cannot enter the bathroom thanks to the anti-cockroach drain jali, which also prevents jali slippage in places with heavy water flow. A cockroach drain trap is an ideal way to keep the bathroom fresh and odour-free. A Floor Drain with Cockroach Trap consists of the drain frame, the grating top, the outer cup, and the inner cup. When water drains, it is left in the inner cup, which prevents insects from crawling into the bathroom and traps odour, bad smells, and harmful gases that may emerge from sewage pipes. The use of a cockroach trap as a one-time cleaning solution can be beneficial.

full moon square floor drain

Where can I find the Best Floor Drain with Cockroach Trap?

LIPKA manufactures floor drains with cockroach traps. The Cockroach Trap collects trash to prevent drain clogs in addition to blocking any offensive odours, gases, and bugs from entering the bathroom. A contemporary, easily removable grate ensures quick water drainage and gives off a sophisticated impression. Its construction with materials that are resistant to corrosion and rust ensures long-lasting durability.

Additionally, LIPKA manufactures floor drains at home with a cockroach trap. LIPKA employs recyclable, unharmed, and eco-friendly packaging. It allows for hassle-free maintenance due to its ease of cleaning; all you need to do is separate the grating top from the frame and throw away any accumulated trash.

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