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Hidden Floor Drains: New Fusion in Home Improvement Market

Hidden Floor Drains: A New Fusion in Home Improvement Market


Hidden Floor Drains: New Fusion in Home Improvement Market

What are Hidden Drains?

Hidden floor drains, also known as concealed floor drains or invisible floor drains, are new drainage systems in home improvement market that are designed to be installed beneath the floor surface and out of sight. Unlike traditional floor drains that are typically visible and located in conspicuous areas, hidden floor drains are integrated into the floor structure and covered by a flush-mounted grate or a floor finish such as tile, marble, or concrete.

The purpose of hidden floor drains is to provide an efficient and discreet drainage solution while maintaining a seamless and aesthetically pleasing floor surface. They are commonly used in areas where traditional floor drains may be unsightly or disruptive to the design, such as in residential bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools.

What are the Components of an Invisible Floor Drain?

A hidden floor drain or a LIPKA Tile insert or marble insert floor drain consists of a 304-grade stainless steel tray, a drain frame and a cockroach trap. All these are integrated within the flooring of the bathroom and a piece of the floor tile or marble or granite equivalent to the size of the floor drain is place on top of the tray leaving the sides open without grouting. These sides act as invisible drain jali’s.

Benefits of Hidden Drains in Bathroom

Invisible or hidden floor drains offer several benefits over traditional visible floor drains. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Aesthetics

Hidden floor drains provide a clean and uninterrupted appearance to the floor surface, which is especially important in spaces where design and aesthetics are critical, such as residential bathrooms, kitchens, and high-end commercial spaces. The flush-mounted grate or floor finish allows for a seamless look, without any obtrusive drain covers or grates.

  1. Safety

Hidden floor drains can also enhance safety in a space by reducing tripping hazards that are often associated with raised floor drains. Traditional floor drains can be a potential hazard for people walking across them, especially if they have an uneven or protruding grate. Hidden floor drains eliminate this risk by keeping the floor surface even.

  1. Hygiene

Hidden floor drains can also be easier to clean and maintain, which is essential for maintaining high levels of hygiene in areas like commercial kitchens, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Since the drain is concealed, there is less chance for dirt and debris to accumulate around the drain, making cleaning more manageable.

  1. Durability

Hidden floor drains are typically designed to be more robust and durable than traditional visible floor drains. Since they are built into the floor structure, they are less susceptible to damage or wear and tear, making them a long-lasting and reliable solution.

  1. Flexibility

Hidden floor drains offer greater flexibility in terms of design and placement, as they can be installed in locations that may not be possible with traditional floor drains. This means that designers and architects have more freedom to create unique and innovative spaces without compromising functionality.


Can an invisible floor drain be installed in any bathroom?

Yes. The installation of these invisible floor drains is possible in any space and any bathroom with any kind of flooring, be it tile, marble or granite.

Why Customers are Moving towards Invisible Bathroom Fittings?

Invisible floor drains are in demand mainly because of their aesthetical value. These days with the modernization of bathroom spaces, these tile-insert and marble-insert floor drains are very popular because they offer non-messy ultra luxe looks!

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