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Bottle Trap – Uses, Functions, and Advantages

Bottle Trap – Uses, Functions, and Advantages


Bottle Trap – Uses, Functions, and Advantages

What is a Bottle Trap?

A bottle trap is a bathroom allied fitting which is affixed with your wash basin pipes. Like the basin coupling helps filter the waste that goes down the waste pipe, the bottle trap helps prevent odour or insects that tend to escape from the basin coupling.

The bottle trap collects fresh water every time you use the basin, and this water acts as a barrier to the insects that might crawl up the waste pipe and traps unpleasant odours that come from the sewage beneath.

bottle trap design

How does a Bottle Trap Work?

Cockroach traps function secretly, and they all operate by having water inside the trap. By doing this, the drainpipe is sealed off, preventing sewage system breakdown gases from entering your living spaces. Considering that you really don't want any of those smells in your home. The water in the trap is refilled as soon as the faucet is turned on. Thus, traps are self-cleaning if kept that way. Ultimately, you need bathroom traps of the highest calibre to consistently neutralize odours. 

Where is Bottle Trap Used?

You will find bottle traps installed with the waste pipe underneath your wash basins.

lipka bottle trap

Advantages of a Bottle Trap

Prevents Odour & Creates a Healthy Environment

Bottle traps for bathroom basins aid in the prevention of poor air quality in the bathroom. These traps are required for every sink or basin in your home because they prevent nasty sewage gases from backing up and leaking into the interiors of your home. Not only does sewage gas have a terrible odour, but it may also contribute to poor air quality since it contains numerous germs from decomposed trash and other putrefying stuff. This gas may spawn hazardous germs and spread them throughout your home's air. This contaminated air would not meet safe breathing requirements.

Enhance Pipe Performance

Bottle traps earn eco-friendly clearance from health organizations by reducing sewerage gas back-ups in kitchen and bathroom pipes and drains. These bottle traps also keep your drains, wastes, and pipes running smoothly even after extensive use.

Prevents Blockages

Even if the basin coupling fails to filter most of the waste, the bottle trap traps the remaining waste and prevents any kind of blockage in the waste pipe. This means o back-flow of wastewater.


Do Bottle Traps Work?

Yes, they are the most efficient bathroom fittings that can be installed under wash basins to prevent odour, pests, and blockages.

Are bottle traps necessary to install in Basins?

Yes. With the kind of diseases that are spreading due to air-borne germs, it is quite advisable that washbasins should be installed with bottle traps.

Do bottle traps stop smells in Urinal?

Yes. Bottle traps are the single-most bathroom fittings that can actually prevent a smelling urinal.

How often should you clean the bottle trap?

It depends on the usage. If your washbasin is being used regularly, then twice every month would be ideal. If not, then once a month for the sake of maintenance and cleanliness.

Which material is best for a bottle trap?

PTMT and Brass Bottle Traps are the most durable materials.

Is it ideal to purchase bathroom fittings online?

Yes. These days everything is available online then why not purchase the basic bathroom fittings sitting at home?
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