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Benefits of Health Faucets in Indian Homes

Benefits of Health Faucets in Indian Homes


Revolutionary changes are being seen in Indian restrooms. Bathrooms are now the focal point of the majority of house designs, rather than being limited to merely a room with a few taps and buckets. It is no longer appropriate to compare a bathroom to a room with four walls and a roof. Bathrooms today often reflect the personality of the owner. Its layout and furnishings convey a tale. The fittings and the accessories that are in Indian bathrooms have also evolved. 

Benefits of Health Faucets in Indian Homes

What are Health Faucets?

The bathroom is every household’s sanctuary of sanitation and hygiene. One of the most crucial bathroom fittings that is the health faucet, often referred to as the hand shower that is installed in the toilet seat area for hygienic usage. The health faucet consists of a faucet gun, which is the showerhead that has a trigger to control the flow of water, a shower tube that supplies the water to the shower head from the main source of water supply, and a holder on which the faucet gun can be placed while not in use.      

Attributes of Using Health Faucets

Hygienic & Environmentally Friendly

Compared to toilet paper, health faucets ensure improved personal hygiene since water surely wipes and cleanses better. Moreover, the Indian population is comfortable using water safe for the skin, and therefore, prefer using health faucets instead of tissue papers. This is addition prevents the wastage of paper, making this bathroom accessory environmentally conducive.

Easy to Use

The flexible shower tube and the appropriate size of the showerhead and the faucet gun, make it easy to use and control the bathroom accessory and can be used easily. The health faucets can be installed near both western as well as Indian toilet areas.

Controllable Water Pressure

The trigger on the faucet gun allows you to easily control the pressure of the water flow. The evenly spread nozzles on the small showerhead give a concentrated flow. The trigger operation varies in different designs of health faucets. It can be a switch-type operation, a press-release operation, or even left-right operation, all of which are very easy and practical to use.

Easy Installation

Installing a health faucet near your toilet seat area is no rocket science. You can manually install the health faucet, provided you have an angle valve on the near to the toilet seat. You just have to fix the faucet gun has to one side of the shower tube, connect the shower tube to the angle valve, and mount the holder close to it.


Installing health faucets in your bathroom is a one-time expense and a sensible investment. Additionally, it helps you avoid making regular purchases of toilet paper.

Best Option for Women's Hygiene and Sanitation

Health faucets are becoming very popular with women as they are the perfect bathroom accessory for maintaining their hygiene and sanitation. During pregnancies, women can use the health faucet as it gives you them the added mobility and ease of control of water. Even during menstrual cycles, where maintaining hygiene becomes more crucial, the health faucet acts as the savior and the perfect tool that allows comfort in washing.
Not only for women, health faucets are also a great bathroom accessory for people who have mobility issues, or are differently abled, or have just had major surgeries. Its ease of control and usage makes it an essential bathroom fitting.

Can I Buy Health Faucet Online?

At LIPKA’s online store, you can purchase the best designs for health faucets built with ABS or brass for long-lasting durability and superior functionality.


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