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Angle Valve: Purpose, Features, Function, and Application



It belongs to the manual valves category and is frequently used to stop or regulate the flow of a water through a pipe, which is why it is also sometimes referred to as a stop valve. The intake and outflow ports of an angle valve are parallel to one another.  However, angles are typically employed in business and domestic plumbing as regulating tools. 

Angle Valve: Purpose, Features, Function, and Application


To stop the flow, you earlier had to repeatedly turn the knob in the old angle valves. However, most manufacturers now equip angle valves with a 1/4-turn lever so that they may quickly stop the flow of water in an emergency. The majority of the valves we use on a daily basis are angle valves.

Why do you Need an Angle Valve?

Instead of stopping the water flow to your entire house plumbing system when upgrading or replacing your faucet or other fixtures or needing repairs, you can simply use the angle stop valve to turn off the water to only that one appliance or fixture. You can use the angle stop to restrict the flow of water to that appliance or fixture at the time of a leak or even a complete burst until the necessary repairs are done.

Crucial Features and Functions of Angle Valve

Angle valves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Angle valves are small faucets with an outlet having threads to fix the pipe of the appliance or the bathroom fixture. Depending on the mechanical structure and materials employed in the valve, each angle stop valve has a particular pressure handling capacity.

What Material is Best for Angle Valve?

The Best Material for Angle Valve is Brass. Brass is simple to process and has a high tensile strength. Because of this, it is perfect for complex and low-friction components like valves, and bearings. Its excellent resistance to corrosion makes it suitable for outdoor use, plumbing parts, and naval and marine applications.

Places Where Angle Valve are Used


Angle valves are used to control the flow of water from faucets under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Under geysers, separate angle valves are fitted for hot and cold water flow. Angle valves are also located in the toilet seat sections, to which pipes or health faucets are connected to create the jet sprays.


Practically all mechanical operations that call for the regulation of flow, temperature, and pressure must use angle valves. Industrial valves must be completely trustworthy and dependable in order to guarantee both safety and operational effectiveness.

Does Angle Valve Need to be Replaced Over Time?

A plumber may advise you to replace your angle stop valves for a variety of reasons. One of them, though, is rather typical: If the repairman discovers a leak around the angle stop valve, it's time to replace it before it completely breaks and seriously damages your property with water.

There are further justifications for replacing valves. Older angle valves were typically never intended to last. The compression portion of the valve typically fails immediately after installation and after 8–10 years of inactivity. Although there may not appear to be a leak, this is just the beginning of the condition that makes your home vulnerable to additional leaks and entirely broken or burst shutoff valves, both of which are more likely to occur late at night or when you are not home.

Angle valves by LIPKA are manufactured from brass, resulting in a long-lasting product that doesn't need to be replaced often.

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