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All You Need to Know About Faucets


Bathroom faucets

A faucet is an everyday essential used as a source of water supply for drinking, washing, cooking, and cleaning. The flow of water is controlled with the help of levers attached to the body of the faucet. These are usually manufactured in Brass and have chrome plating. Do you want to renovate your bathroom or build a new home? Here, in this article, we provide a few unique designs to consider as well as the best way to select sink faucets for a bathroom or kitchen.

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What Are the Different Kinds and Styles of Faucets in India?

Pillar Cock

A pillar cock is usually installed on the sink or basin and has a separate valve for hot and cold water. You can control the water temperature directly, helping to create the ideal mix of hot and cold. Pillar taps come in a variety of finishes and many colors, so they are a classic, old-school design. Its handles can be customized according to your preferences. Lever handles and bib handles are usually the most preferred types.

Bib Cock

The Bib cock has a bent nozzle that is placed at the end of the pipe. It is found mostly in all houses and offices across India and is compatible with daily usage. This faucet is mostly used in common washrooms, bathrooms, open spaces, and kitchens. The standard size of the bib cock is 15 mm all over India.

Nozzle Bib Cock

This bib tap is easy to install and comes with a nozzle which  There are many uses and applications for this Nozzle Big Cock, including apartments, homes, complexes, resorts, hotels, multistory buildings, and other places. You can use a high-pressure water hose nozzle to attach washing machine pipes or garden pipes, water gardens, wash cars, nurseries, water lawns,  and irrigate crops

Angle Valve

The angle valve is used in many areas. The primary functions are to connect the pipelines for installing a health faucet, washbasin, geyser, and hand shower. The standard size of the bathroom needs 2 to 4 angle cocks. The standard size of this faucet is 15 mm.

Bib Cock Long Body

Long body bib cock faucets are an important agricultural, household, and industrial product. This faucet is popular for offering smooth and foamy water, which prevents spillage. The product is long-lasting, made of tough materials, and designed to perform under pressure.

Angle Valve Two Way

The angle valve two ways are pretty simple faucets. This two-way tap has two ports, the first one is an inlet, and the second one is an outlet port. It is compatible with different applications and depends on how much flow and control you have, as well as how much pressure drops over the tap.

Swan Neck with Swivel Spout

The swan neck with a swivel spout has a single handle, a non-mechanical faucet that is only used to supply water. This faucet doesn’t have any knobs or handles. The spout faucet is mostly used for the connection of a hand shower. The standard size is 15 mm all over India.

Sink Faucet and Mixers

This kind of faucet is compatible with sinks and kitchen areas. There are different types of sink taps. The first one is sink faucets that are available with a single lever. The second one is a single-lever basin mixer faucet that is compatible with both hot and cold water. The third one is a single lever basin mixer with a long body for the smooth flow of water. The fourth one is a single lever wall mixer telephonic for a thin stream of water from the spout.

Wall Mixer ‘L’ Blend

The wall mixer's ‘L’ blends allow water from a hot and cold source to be combined into one flow so that it comes out of a single spout. In house kitchens and bathrooms, this Wall Mixers 'L' Blend can be easily installed in pipeline assemblies. It can also help with the installation of showers if one chooses to do so in the future.

Concealed Stop Cock

The concealed stop cocks are mostly used for operating showers. In water pipelines, it controls the flow of water (normal temperature) through a quarter-turn valve that is mounted in the inside wall. The standard size of this faucet is 19 mm or 25 mm. Select any size according to your needs or ask an expert.

Flush Cock

The flush cocks are used in place of flush tanks. To prevent any bulky flush tanks in a bathroom, flush cocks are used here to make your bathroom space bigger and give it an elegant look.

Bath Tub Spout Plain

The bathtub spout plain faucets are manufactured with an internal mechanism so that water will flow upward, creating the pressure needed for a shower to start. Almost every house has a tub with this type of spout.

Sensor Faucet

Most automatic faucets have a sensor that is placed at the spout's lip or base. They feature presence sensors instead of motion sensors, which detect the presence of a hand underneath the spout. Hands beneath the spout trigger the sensor, which turns the faucet on. This faucet will turn off again once your hands are removed from it.


Bathrooms play a major role in your daily life; a bathroom is a private space that you have all to yourself whenever you use it. In the process of designing your bathroom, take a look at the options before picking a bathroom sink faucet. If that’s what you want, visit the kitchen and bathroom faucet collection which you will find in Lipka faucets for durability, great functionality, and chrome-plated premium faucets.

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