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5 Faucet Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation


Are you looking to upgrade your home with new fittings and accessories? Well, here is a list of the most popular faucets that are trending in new contemporary homes.

5 Faucet Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

360° Rotating Faucet Design for Sink and Basin

The rotating faucet design has a rotating spout often known as a swivel spout. This spout comes in various sizes to suit your purpose. Following are the faucet designs that come with a swivel spout:

  • Swan Neck Faucets: These countertop faucets are suitable for installation in basin and kitchen sink areas. With a single lever and a rotating spout, they allow convenience in washing hands as well as utensils.
  • Centre Hole Basin Mixer Faucet: This is a countertop faucet that is ideal for installation on your wash basins. It has two separate handles on either side of the rotating spout in the middle for the hot and cold water flow of water.
  • Sink Mixer Faucet: These wall-mount faucets can be installed on top of your kitchen sinks. The separate handles for hot and cold water flow allow mixing and getting the desired temperature of water for cleaning pots and pans. The swivel spout comes in multiple sizes ranging from 12-20 inches. The faucet can be chosen with regard to the size of your kitchen sink.
  • Sink Cock Faucet: These single lever wall-mount faucets are sleek and have a rotating spout which can be installed with a double bowl kitchen sink for controlling the direction of the water.
360 degree rotating faucet

Faucet Design with Hand Shower Space

Modern bathrooms have the option of hand showers attached to the faucets these days. Hand showers are easy to use as you have full control over the direction of the water. There are faucets that are specially designed to attach a hand shower tube and a hand showerhead easily to the body of the main faucet.

  • Telephonic Wall Mixer Faucets: These wall-mount mixer faucets come with separate handles for hot and cold water flow and have an outlet with threads to attach the shower tube for the hand shower and a crutch on the faucet body itself to hold the hand shower when not in use.
  • Tip-Ton Bath Tub Spout: This faucet is specially designed for bathtubs and has an outlet for hand showers and a separate tip-ton button to control the flow of water in the hand shower.

telephonic faucet

Two-Way Faucet Designs

The two-way faucets are designed to distribute the water flow from a single source of water supply to two different outlets. The two-way faucets may have two separate handles for each outlet as well.

  • 2-Way Angle Vales: These are ideal for installation in toilet seat areas with one pipe for flushing the cistern and the other pipe for the health faucet. Can also be installed underneath the wash basins.
  • 2-Way Bib Cock Faucets: Often referred to as garden faucets these can be installed in gardens where you can attach your garden pipe and use the other outlet as a normal faucet. Can also be attached to washing machine areas and toilet seat areas.

2-way faucet

Multi-Functioning Mixer

The 3-in-1 wall mixer faucet with L bend is the ultimate multi-functioning mixer faucet for your shower areas. It is a single-bathroom fitting that provides you with the convenience of attaching a hand shower, using hot and cold water through the faucet outlet as well as the overhead shower through the L bend. These wall mixers have quarter-turn handles as well as a tip-ton button on the spout to control the flow in the hand shower.


Tall body Water Tap Design

The tall body pillar taps as well as the single lever basin mixer are beautiful designs for your countertop basins. They have a tall body with a bold aesthetic. LIPKA single lever basin mixer allows you to mix hot and cold water through the left and right operations of the handle.

tall body faucet

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