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5 Different Categories of Shower Drains

5 Different Categories of Shower Drains (Buying Guide)


Every shower in a bathroom needs a high-quality shower drain to go with it. Shower Floor Channels are frequently not given any thought, and people just use whatever. This may cause a multitude of issues in the future, so keep the number for your plumber's office handy. If these issues worry you, you'll need to select a Shower Drain channel for your house that makes using the bathroom easier than ever.

5 Different Categories of Shower Drains

When selecting your shower drain channel next, you should be aware of the following types of shower Floor Channel:

Cockroach Trap Drains

Cockroach trap drains are prominent in most houses because of their spatially and simple to clean design. This style of the drain is ideal since it can give the shower floor a different appearance from the rest of the Bathroom Accessories

cockroach trap drain

Linear Drains

Along the shower walls is a linear drain, which is a massive steel channel. They are often framed, and from the drain to the wall, they are paved in ceramic tile.

If you want something with a more traditional look, you might want to take this model into account. This kind of drain has more room and can hold more water in its collection.

linear shower drain

Single Piece Grating Tops or Commercial Drains

Single-piece drains don't need to be cleaned as regularly as three-piece drains because of its simpler construction, which lacks any removable components that could become clogged. A single-piece solid drain jali with a tightly-knit grating top enables quick drainage. The material we have used is 304 grade stainless steel which makes it corrosion resistant and durable enough to last longer than a cheap quality drain.

single piece drain

Tile Insert Shower Drain Channel 

A tile insert shower drain channel is a more traditional option, and you could decide to stick with it for a while. It can also be used with a variety of designs, from simple to industrial. 

tile insert drain

Marble Insert Shower Drain Channel

A drain cover, tray, and cockroach trap are included with the marble insert drain channel, which are square floor drains with a side opening designed to manage huge amounts of water. LIPKA marble insert drain used in shower floor channel trays is made of premium AISI 304-Grade 1mm stainless steel, and it has a brushed matte finish that makes it appear undetectable, unbroken, and opulent. Marble Insert Drain Trays serve two purposes. First, the stainless steel portion may be turned so that it is on top to match the bathroom's decor.

marble insert drain

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Buying a Shower Drain Grate


The size of the type you wish to purchase should be your first consideration in a shower drain. Finding a model that suits your needs and tastes is usually pretty simple because most models come in a variety of sizes. There are other models that may be created to order, which give you more latitude in selecting the appropriate size.

Drainage Speed

The second factor you should consider is drainage speed, as this will affect how quickly used water enters the drain. If you're in a rush or don't want to wait too long, a sluggish drainage speed implies that your shower will take longer to drain.


Given that shower drains are prone to various issues, it's crucial to purchase one that includes an effective maintenance system. Selecting a model with the proper maintenance system is crucial because some models come with a specific cleaning kit while others are readily washed in the sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most preferable location to install the shower drain?

The lowest point of the shower floor should preferably be the drain. Instead of being flat, a proper shower floor typically slopes. Water flows down to the drain in all directions as a result of the drain's placement.

Is linear drain hard to clean?

Depending on the material they were made of during production, linear drains are simple to clean. Cleaning ought to be performed with water and soap. In each home, a proper linear drain will feature a detachable debris basket or tray.

What kind of shower drain is considered best?

The ideal shower drain channels are thought to be linear drains. They are among the greatest solutions available due to their small structure and extensive drainage function.

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